Hidden Video

Congratulations! Make sure to leave a comment here on this post! I will be drawing the winner on Wednesday!


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Maryjo said...

B is for Baseball, Love the new blog!!


Tiffany said...

yay I found it!!! B is for brick... I love the new blog karlee missapple254dotcom

Anonymous said...

I found it ! yay !


Renae said...

Yay I found it!! B is for Bulldog! LOL


Nicki Lundeen said...

Wow, glad you gave a hint...I don't think I would have found it otherwise. Congrats on the new blog and thanks for the giveaway. nlundeen@catt.com

Mimi said...

B is for blinkie

Nicki Lundeen said...

"B" is for Bryce - my grandson's name. nlundeen@catt.com

Janet Licari said...

B is for Baseball and Bat...thanks for the chance to win the new cart. Have a fun visit together.
quilt4fun2 at hotmail dot com

Scott Franson Photography said...

Oh I found a way to comment, ignore my email to you for help.
B is for beautiful friendship, that's what you and Robyn have.
Claudia F.

Auntie Marg said...

yea!! I found it and B is for Bodacious.....

Charlotte said...

Found it! Can't wait to use the new cartridge.
B is for bikes! :)

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! Found it! You guys are hilariously funny. Thanks for the laughs!

B is for Bananas!

avlover21 at hotmail dot com
janetscraftspot dot blogspot dot com

Anonymous said...

Yay I found the video! B is for Blog, B is for Bestie, B is for Both. Fingers crossed to win thanks :)

Anonymous said...

B is for birthday :)


jlyoungx2 at gmail dot com

Charlotte said...

Found it! B is for bike!
Can't wait to use the new cartridge!

StephanieD2 said...

Hey I found it and a new blogger to follow and YouTuber to subscribe to. How fun was that! You ladies are a hoot. B is for bouquet :)


txzgirl33 at aol dot com

Anonymous said...

Hi Karlee congrats on the website looks fab.
Thanks for the chance of winning!!

B is for------------BRILLIANT!!! Lol

jeanetteguy at aol dot com

Charlotte said...

Found it! B is for bike! Can't wait to see and use those new cartridges.


Anonymous said...

Hello Karlee,
"B" is for blog and I love it - Veronica did a great job.
Loved watching the broadcast ( another B word) you 2 are so funny.

mississchic said...

I found it finally! Great blog Karlee Thanks for chance to win. mississchic @ yahoo dotcom

Kristi said...

Great Blog!! B is for Bestie!

Kathy's Kreative Spot said...

Found and watched your secret video and "B" is for Baby Buggy Bumpers ( that is me wishing for a grandchild) :)

katsews at gmail dot com

char52 said...

Aren't you girls clever!

Beckie W said...

B is for Beckie!!
Karlee congrats on the new blog. It looks wonderful! Thansk for the chance to win!


Linda said...

B is for Brothers! I am back to work on their scrapbooks.

The McIntyre Family said...

B is for Book! Had a blast watching mps live...just wish I could of logged in on chat. Also, congrats on the new blog!!!
saraw67026 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

What a fun idea! Love the new blog Karlee! Thanks for the cool give away and for me B is for Britian!

Elba said...

Found it! B is for bonus! Great bonus give away.

Rebecca said...

Yay i found it! B is for Bugs or Bears.


rebecca_k81 at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Love the new blog.

I would also love this cart, as I have 3 boys and all nephews. No girls in the family!

B is for Brave!

KatieScraps at charter dot net

Kimmie said...

Yeah! I found it! Tricky, tricky! B is for baby! I would love to win this to create some pages for my son! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hey Karlee!!! Congrats for your new super cute blog I love it, I can't wait to see all of your faboulous projects!

For me B is for Best Blogs in the world(talking about Karlee's blog and Robyn' Blog) LOL, that is kind of cheezy, but that what came to my mind first :0 ;) !!!

Have a great day


Connie said...

I found it. B is for Bubbles.
What a fun video. Look forward to watching your videos Karlee.


DorisM said...

I always love to play hide and seek. Found your video and I say B is for Bountiful. That's what all the nice give-a-ways say to me. Good luck with your new blog.


Luv Scrapping Together said...

Yay! I found it. Your blog looks great. Can't wait to see more.

Patricia said...

Wouldn't it "B" wonderful to win this cartridge?


Maria said...

Yay! I found it! Great site and thanks for a chance to win! B is for bananas- u and robyn are bananas!
mlvillatoro at gmail dot com

Luv-To-Scrap said...

Luv the live broadcast last night. Found your hidden video. and B for Boy cart is great giveaway.
Thanks again


purpledaisycrafts said...

Hi Karlee love the new website! B is for Brian my nephew's middle name and the reason I need this cart! Thanks for the giveaway!!

Brit in MN said...

Hmmm, I say B is for "Blue", as in Blue's Clues. My 3 yr old little boy has 2 Blue beanie babies he drags around, lol. I love the new blog Karlee, it's so pretty! Great giveaway too, this is one of the few Cricut Lite Cartridges I'm actually gonna get! Thanks for a chance to win!

britngavin at clearwire.net

sassykymmie said...

Love the look of your site!! I hope I win, I have my eye on this cartridge. :) B is for "Bucky" which is my little boy's nickname.

sassykymmie at gmail dot com

Ayaris said...

Yeeeees! I found the video. Let's see B is for Beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway my email is AyarisT@gmail.com.

SusanC said...

B is for bubbles! Nice blog.

Anonymous said...

B is for Birthday. Mine is this month. Thanks for the chance to win. Love the video.


jan.schmeckpeper at yahoo dot com

Phyllis said...

B is "Broke" - which is what I'll be if I don't stop "B"uying Cricut cartridges! phyllis at grandsford@centurytel.net

Candi said...

Love the live video. And I love the bind it all. Lets see B is for Booth or Bahama's. BYE BYE


Pam In Colorado said...

B is for BRRR here in Colorado today. It is only 50*!! Thank you for the chance to win this cart. With 4 grandsons it would sure come in handy!

tlf said...

Can't wait to see more...B is for Boys at my house with 5 grandsons.

Jennifer said...

Love your new blog! :)

Anonymous said...

b is for bubbly!!! i so want this cartridge!!!!
lucylou2420 at yahoo dot com

Amber said...

I feel like I have posted everywhere ;) Hope this is the right place. B is for believe

ambesmit at yahoo dot com

Christine's creative time said...

yay, I found it!!

KirstenLockwood said...

Hi Karlee!

B is for Bernalillo! New Mexico rules!

Kirsten :-)


Amanda said...

Yay! I found it! B is for Bestie!!
Thanks for the chance to win! I really want this cart!


Allyson D. said...

Cute video. B is for bouncing boys. I have two and they are quite active today.

Kerry said...

Yeah, I found it right away. "B" is for BFF. My daughter is my bestie.

Dawn said...

i found it. this is great. b is for Bouncy boys I have 2. this is a great blog. Love it. only took me a minute to figure out what you were talking about. Its great. Now this is cool thanks

weezie143 at att dot net

Sparksgal said...

Yay!!! I found it. :) Love your new blog. Had a blast watching you and Robyn on MPS Live last night. Enjoy the rest of your visit.

B is for Baseball. I just got home from watching my nephew play - their team won 3rd place. :)

~Jess (aka Sparksgal)
Ncscrapper77 (at) gmail (dot) com

Allurynn said...

Oh my gosh! This was a very creative way to hide the video! Love your new blog Karlee. Both you and Robyn were great last night during the live broadcast. My word..."B" is for Blueberries! Thanks for the give-a-way! Looking forward to your posts!


Lynn Fox said...

Congrats on the new site. I can't wait to see what's next. Love the hidden video.


Anonymous said...

Found it!! Great website!! will be checking it out frequently B is for bottom's up :)

Thanks for the chance to win


Michelle said...

Yay I found it!!! B is for BEST BUDDIES!!!! Ya'll crack me up.


ShawnfromMN said...

Love your video Karlee!!! You two are so much fun!!! Cant believe that i figured out your clue - I am a little dense sometimes!!! Any way - your question: B is for bubbly ---- the way you two are when you are together!! Have a wonderful visit Karlee!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I found it! B is for Beautiful as in the Beautiful day it is today! Love your new blog. Can't wait to see somme of your upcoming videos.
(I can be mailed at scrapcollectorcrazy7 on the two peas in the bucket message boards) I really need to figure this whole blog thing out and sign up so I can leave my info and it's still private. Thanks!

girlia said...

yayyyy found the secret video. B is definitly for blue (fav color)


Scrapente said...

B is for Blog^^
B is also for bug
b is for bestfriend^^
there are alot of words for b^^
i love ur new blog

scrapente at hotmail dot com

PoncaGirl said...

Hi Karlee! Watched your LIVE broadcast last night with Robyn and just watched your video. B is for Brooke! (my daughter)


Rebecca's Card Hobby said...

Found the secret video -- you guys have so much fun. Thanks for the chance to win the new B is for Boy cartridge. B is also for beautiful, blue blanklets.

Isabel said...

hey, karlee
i found your secret/hidden video!!
so..my B is for birthdays!!!
hope i win!!


Tracy Carpenter said...

It only took me about 30 secs to find it!! this is one of the cricut lite cartridges i want. I hope i am the lucky winner. My son is 4 and this is the perfect cartridge i can use for is layout pages.

Live.Teach.Create said...

B is for Bazzill!~ :)

Congrats on the new website Karlee! :)

Anonymous said...

Found it Yeah! B is for BFFs ! Isn't it great to have your BFF there.

Catherine A

hdn4dbch at yahoo dot com

Kelly said...

B is for Butterfly. Loved you live chat and love your new blog!

Anonymous said...

The hidden video was fun. B is for bubbly. The blind it all is cute on you blog.

wfelber at yahoo dot com

Kendra said...

Yay! That wasn't as hard as I thought it would be! B is for my BOY!!!


Anonymous said...

I think I posted in the wrong area so if this is duplicate sorry

B is for Bottle of Champagne 4 U
on the launching of your new blog site...Way 2 Go.

Marta said...

Karlee your website turned out awesome. I love the secret video and the placement of it. It was perfect. So I am guessing B is for Boy, Bananas, Boat, Blue and my favorite Beautiful.

Thank you for the opportunity. Can't wait to see what is next. Take care and have a great week with your BFF (Robyn).

Marta said...

Oops! I forget to leave a way to be contacted sorry about that.

Marta - mvcuban@aol.com

jane said...

found the video,
B is for Bonus

Anonymous said...

B is for Balogna

kmuyskens at yahoo dot com

Lori said...

Awesome new Blog site Karlee:) B is for blog. Congratulations!!!

bananalori at gmail dot com

Kathryn W. said...

Hmmmmm - B is for Billy which rhymes with Silly which is what you two are! Ha ha. Great video Karlee - can't wait for more!
kathrynwelsh at verizon dot net

Melissa said...

I found it, great cart!!! would love to have the B is for Boy, Ball,Best Friend.... Cart...lol



Kelsi's Kloset said...

B is for.... Blue Bind-It All that has a hidden video! Thanks for the chance to win. I am a follower and subscriber to My Pink Stamper blog and Youtube and now I am for Karlee Kratfs. Congrats on the new blog!


Anonymous said...

Found it! B is for Bind-it-all. LOL Great looking blog Karlee!

Cricut MB

cathylh at wowway dot com

juls1171tx said...

I'm so Happy for you, You go girl!!
B is for berceuse (lullaby)

Anonymous said...

Found it! B is for bloated with excitement to win this cartridge. This is my first time doing this.
You girls are wonderful!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new site! B is for blessed:) You and Robynn are blessed with the opportunity to reach and touch so many people in the crafting world! Can't wait to follow your blog each morning with a cup of coffee:)


Dixie said...

Yay, found it! B is definitely for boys in my world. I have 4 teenage ones :) Would love to win this cartridge as I am starting on baby albums for them all.
Congratulations on your new blog, Karlee and thanks for the fun giveaway!


kaejaesmom said...

Yay! I found the hidden video!! "B" is for boys! Love the cartridge! Great for boys!
jenn _ andy at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

B is for boy I hope I win. LauraT taypeck@sbcglobal.net

Stephanie Y. said...

B is for my 2 BOYS. Both are Brilliant and Beautiful!!!

Have a Wonderful Day!

Lynette said...

Congrats on the new blog. Found the secret video . . . B is for BLOG!

Corliss McBride said...

Yea! I found it. B is for blog. Great site.


Vanaleigh said...

B is for Brownies, they are my FAVORITE desserts.

Karlee I have to say I really love your site and if it wasnt for pink stamper live last night I wouldnt have began to follow you! You have great ideas and such inspiration, cant wait to see more!

Savannah H


Sylvia said...

I love you web site is so cute, I love the b-boy the best out of all the lite's. thank agian for the give away.

Kim C said...

I found the video :)
B is for BFF's Rock
Kim C

Janine said...

B is for Backache...I just planted all my flowers ugh. Finally got to watch MPS live as you were doing it! Had a blast!

SharonL said...

B is for BUY...because I want to buy everything the two of you show off! Thanks for the chance to win!

cricut mb name: bugaloo

scrapperRN said...

B is for BODACIOUS...lol..and the live broadcast was great. Had to watch it when I got home from work on Sat morning but was funny. Thanks for the giveaway and looking forward to some bind it all videos. I just bought one last week and haven't used it yet. Love your website so far..another one to follow from mps.

Gaila said...

B is for Boo Boo.. I have pics to scrap with boo boos on them. So fun. Thanks ya'll.


Monica said...

You guys are too funny. B is for Blast. Because you two always have a blast together.

mkfakahomeeg at hotmail dot com

Grandma Tangle said...

B is for baby grandson who is due in 3 months. I would love to scrapbook him with this cart :)

Anonymous said...

Found it. I really want this cartridge. Thanks for the giveaway.
Erin K.
ekell77 at hotmail dot com

teetle81 said...

Totally felt like I was watching Blues Clues to find the video :)


Joyce said...

Found your secret video....B is for Beautiful! Thanks for a chance to win the Cricut Lite!

Linds said...

B is for Blogilicious!!!!! Love the new blog, it looks so much better then the other one! Thanks so much for last night, it was super fun,


lindsaykeith15 at gmail dot com

This and that said...

I found it!!! b is for bear.
hmbuchholtz at wi dot rr dot com

Jennifer said...

This is such an adorable blog page! i love it! can't wait to see some of your videos:)
jennifergirl20 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh I found it on the first try. whoopee!! I have been at my Walmarts looking for the cartridges but haven't found them yet. Ours Cricut stuff here in Texas is in a special "self help"section by the birthday party bags and wedding stuff. Will keep looking but would love to win one too. Wish me luck. You two remind of me and my BFF. You're a hoot||! Thank you Sandy at jimsand19722sbcglobal.net

Char said...

Found it!!! And B is for Bozos as the two of you enjoy clowning around so much. You're tooooo funny!! Thanks Karlee for a chance to win.


Anonymous said...

Yay - I found it! Your new blog is so cute.

dana at tkg dot com

Jessica said...

B is for books! Such a cute blog!



pammie~k said...

yeah - cute blog
b is for bling
(and I have no idea if my previous post actually made it - I have too many emails/accounts etc and am soooo confused - LOL)

pamelarose58 at comcast dot net

Yvette said...

WOOHOO!!! FOUND IT!!!! Now for the letter B...Bravissimo!!!! Congrats on your new blog. Look forward to all your neat creations.

Bunches (of cartridges hee hee)

Blessings (hmmm another B word) Yvette
ewokyoda at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

B is for Blinkie! Congrats on the new and fabulous blog! Have fun! Shirley

Kelley-Lou-Who said...

B is for...Bounching Baby Boy!!! Cuz that's what my sister is having!
Awesome new blog Karlee!

kelleylouwho at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Hi Karlee! B is braces of course! :)


Anonymous said...

I found the video and B is for baby.

Sandy N. said...

Congrat Karlee- like your new website. I can't believe I found the video on the first try . Hope I can win. Haven't found the new cartridges yet at our Walmart but will keep trying. Thank you for the chance. Sandy N. at jimsand1972@sbcglobal.net

Judy-- wwjudy60@yahoo.com said...

I finally found it. Would love to win this cartridge since I need boy things desperately. Thank you.

judy -- judy60@yahoo.com said...

Forgtot to add B is for Buzz Lightyear

Michele said...

B is for Beautiful! Thanks so much for shairng and the fun you bring to the videos!

Esther said...

B is for BFFs! Keep having fun making those videos!

LV Socia said...

Love the video and your new site!!


Anonymous said...

My B is for my son Blake!!
You girls crack me up - love watching your videos!


Tiffany said...

Yay! Clever hiding spot! B is for Baby...hopefully I can use this for one in the near future! Thanks so much.

Maureen Reiss said...

ok now I really found it!! B is for Bethany, my oldest daughter. Thanks for the giveaway!! You guys ROCK!!!


Anonymous said...

For My daughter " B is for Butterfly!" and Bugs! and Bedtime hehe! ( one of mommies favorite word sometimes! :) )(also book binding!) Karlee- can't wait to see more on your website. it is awesome and congrats! I am looking forward to learning more things and expecially with book bindings :)


JadeCook said...

I found it! B is for baboon lol


MCTD Billman said...

YEAH!!!! I found it!!!! Cute idea! In my family B is for BILLMAN (my last name)!!!! I know - super cheesy, but true. :) Thanks for the chance to win this cart, It's on my wish list! I love the new site, Karlee; it looks beautiful!!

Celeste B.

AuntPatty'sCrafts said...

B is for Bravo...I can't believe I found it. Good luck with your new Blog. Patty


scrapperbecka said...

Yea I found it!! B is for Bestfriend.. Love you guys


redheadworking said...

B is for Batman! My son loves Batman. You two are so creative and cute! Thanks for the opportunity. It's so great when you visit Robin...

Karey said...

woohoo... new last night it would be here! B is for Bubbles . o O o O . o O O . O o . O . o

Jeanette T. said...

Okay I found it. And B is for Bananas which is what you and Robyn are. You guys make me laugh so much. Congrats Karlee on your new site. TFS

nancy said...

Hi!! Found the hidden vid. You guys have so much fun, I love it!!! B is for best buds.

Thank you

Roxannie D said...

Just found the secret video-"B is for Blue" you guys are funny. B is for bananas...that is wat you both are LOL! Hope I winnnnnn


Anonymous said...

You two are so silly. It really cracks me up. B is for bear.

Thank you for the opportunity to win.

kristymathieson at hotmail dot com

Joana said...

wow i found it and so all the rest lol

B is for Beautiful blog

joanahodgson at yahoo dot co dot uk

kim.mom said...

Love you new blog!!!

Becky Schroeder said...

YAY! I found it. B is for buddies. Just started craft day with some buddies of mine! I had fun watching you guys last night.

kensdoll76 at yahoo dot com

Andrea said...

Great clue. B is for my Beautiful Baby Boy that had been home with us from South Korea for a little over 1 1/2 years. He is 2 and loves the music when mommy watches videos. Thanks for your great blog and contest.

SHARON said...

Finally found the secret video B is for both my beautiful grandson


Teri A said...

B is for Black and Blue how boys walk around a great deal of the time




Anonymous said...

You 2 are a Blast! I wish I could have been here live. B is for BLUE bubblegum.... Congrats Karlee on your new blog... I am now a follower. AWish I could make my way to Chicago CHA.


Mellie said...

B is for "Branham"--my last name! Thanks for the chance to win!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the video. B is for basket (I have a lot of Longberger baskets to hold my scrapbooking stuff!)

roxannlee at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chance to win. B is for boat... wish the rain would stop so we could go in the boat.

missy1983 at hotmail dot com

Kayla T said...

Yay! I found the hidden video!!

Of course, B is for BESTIE!
Just like Robyn and Karlee!!

Thanks for the chance to win this great cartridge! Can't wait to see more videos from you!


Cricut Crazy Lisa said...

B is for BEST friend!

Dreama said...

You girls are having too much fun!!!! lol 'B' is for braces...and Karlee, you look so cute with yours.

Melissa said...

woohoo. who doesn't love hide and seek?
B is for BROWNIES! yum


misala.np at gmail dot com

Laurel DeViney said...

B is for love Karlee's new Blog! I grabbed her Blinkie too!
Thanks for the MPS live!
You guys are great!

Best Wishes,

Anonymous said...

B is for Best Friends as you guys are! B is for blue, but one of you is the Pink gal. LOL! Jeananne jrtherunks42@yahoo.com

Scrapperdee said...

Hilarious - you 2 have so much fun together!

B is for BLUE

Amanda C. said...

B is for Blue Buttons! :)

triplenickle05 @ aol.com

Leah said...

Love your blog design! I am so jealous! How clever you are---I couldn't resist your Bind It All! LOL! Thanks for the chance!!

Anonymous said...

B is for Brand New!!! Which this cartridge is :)

I hope I am lucky on the new site :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Girls
I looked and looked and i could not find it, then my husband sat down and i told him that i was looking for your hidden video and he told me right were to look and there it was. I could not beleive it. He helps me out all the time with my cards and scrapbooking stuff.So B is for boy because it took my big boy to find it.You guys did a good job. It was hard to find.
Thanks so much
Good luck to all!

Anonymous said...

Still don't know exactly which comment form is correct - but my B is for Back to the Future. (watching today) and I love your new Blog (another B). Thanks for the giveaway!


Robin said...

Found the hidden video. Great clue. I loved it. Can't wait to see more of your videos. B is for blog, of which Karlee now has one. Congratulations.

robinburkhalter at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I hope I win this....are we doing B phrases, I have two.....B is for Beau, who is my BROTHER!! Beat that :)

I am so excited!!!! Love the new blog -- already in my favs for the old blog...but cool new blog too!


Anonymous said...

B is for bicycling...Love to bike but would also love to win this cartridge.


Pauline said...

Found it ! Yay !!! You two are so funny . B is for Blogging ! Have a great Sunday ! Thanks for the chance to win .

Hey Jude said...

yeah, found the video you girls are too funny, humm B is for bunny, just the first thing that popped into my head, I am hungry too BLUE BUNNY ICE CREAM JSharer417@aol.com

Anonymous said...

Cute way to do this! Love your new site Karlee!!! B is for Busy Boys!


Tracy C said...

Yay! Found it! B is for Bling... Karlee's Braces and Besties! Love the new blog!


Josie0602 said...

I left my comment on the wrong page but here I am finally in the right spot! B is for beautiful grandchildren! Just had a great day having a cookout and playing with the grandchildren. I love the B is for Boys...it would be perfect to scrapbook those cute photos of my grandson!

Anonymous said...

I found you...clever blue binder...
B is for Bob, my wonderful husband that understands my hobby.
Great Blog I really enjoy watching both of you.

Anne said...

Your new blog is so adorable. I found the video and you and Robin make a great team. Hugs, Anne :)


Kerie said...

B - Bind it all!!!
B - Beautiful website
You two are just toooo cute together, glad to see that you both are having alot of fun!!

4 wheelers at verizon dot net

Anonymous said...

Hi Karlee,

Love the new blog!!

I say B is for the "blue Bind-it-all"!! One of my favorite tools. It could also be for a "Blue bone folder". I could go on and on.

Thanks for the chance to win this cartridge. I looked at my Walmart today and they don't have any yet:(

Renae K
rkscraps at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

oh my what a cleaver way of hiding it :)

anyways b is for bike


Anonymous said...

love the blog

b is for boring


Scrappin With Kimmy said...

Yippee! I found it! =] B IS FOR THE "BANANAS" I WOULD GO IF I WON!LOL Congrats on the new blog. It's FABULOUS! Hugs, Kimmy

Anonymous said...

oh my i finally found your seceret video

b is for blog

thanks for the giveaway


2 Pink Ladies said...

As with others, I hope this is the correct place to leave a comment. Funny, I kept passing the cursor on the area that sends us to the secret video. I finally clicked on it, and Wham! There is the video. Cute! Good clue, but we don't know what the clue is until we watch the video.

Peggy said...

B is for Beautiful Baby Brothers!!!

Thank you for the treasure hunt! Loved it!!


cricutloft at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

B is for...... Better win! I wanna win! I am so excited about this cart. I have 2 boys and Ive been wanting a "boy" cart for so long. My WalMarts dont have them yet so This would be PERFECT!

Addicted Scrapper said...

B is for Blogger
B is for Beautiful
B is for Blocks
B is for Building
B is for Baby

so many "B" words to pick...

Congrats on the Blog!!!!

liliane said...

hi Karlee, I would love to win a cartridge. B is for best friends, like you and Robyn
Liliane jivwest@optonline.net

Ryansmaama said...

Yea!!! I found the secret video. B is for Bling, which we all love.--Ryansmaama

Barbara said...

B is for bubbles. Barbara

~BridgetL~ said...

found it :) B is for: Besties. Like you and Robyn. Or B is for Bridget, that's Me. LOL

Creative Monkey Designs said...

Found it!! B is for Bouncy Monkey

becky50 said...

Congrats on your new blog. I'll be a frequent visitor for sure. Oh and BTW "B" is for Becky, my first name!

Sabine said...

'B' is for buddy.. my little man is my buddy for sure! Loved the show last nite. Thanks for the chance to win this lite cart! Congrats on the new blog!


Sandra said...

Super cute out takes! You bith had me laughing!

B is for Burger! YUMMY!


Sandra :)

TMax said...

B is for boy oh boy would I like the B is for Boy cartridge ;-) Thanks for the chance to win a great giveaway.

Anonymous said...

B is for bummer if I don't win. I have 2 little boys and could really use this one. Thanks guys.

Anonymous said...

So much fun! My first "live" event....


cricutcutter at ljbbb dot com

Anonymous said...

yay for finding the secret video post! I love the new design on you blog! so cute!



Anonymous said...

B is for my baby boy Bryce!!! who would LOVE to Benefit from this Boy cartridge! :)


cricutcutter at ljbbb.com

Anonymous said...

B is for Bernice, wanting to win the Boy cartridge from the two Best Bffs on Karlee's Blog. Bye-Bye!!!


GlendaLea said...

B is for Besties! The two of you! Found the video.
Love the BLOG! Nice Karlee!
Love, Glenda

Anonymous said...

Yea I found it but could not watch.
Would not come up.

The Paper Crazed Craftier said...

Too funny ! You guys have so much fun together ... That's great ! Love the the new Blog Karlee. Have a ton of fun with it. I have 3 boys so that cart would be AWESOME :) Thanks for the chance.
sfojut at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

yeah, i found it..love the blog.
b is for bravo!!!great show girls

Noelle Reese said...

YIPPEE! I found it LOL
B is for baby and mine is Carlee!! :-)
Thanks for the chance to win!

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