Hidden Video

Congratulations! Make sure to leave a comment here on this post! I will be drawing the winner on Wednesday!


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Marijo said...

Found the video, but can't watch the video - Says it private!

Marijo (aka scraptasticgrammy)

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Found the video and it says its private!

sheila at

Anonymous said...

Wow! That took me awhile :) Love the blog!

em dot drain at snc dot edu

Anonymous said...

Found the video, B is for blanket. Great video.
Cjiricka at yahoo dot com

Dessiree Barnes said...

Your website is so adorable! :] I'm excited I found the hidden video. ;]


GiGi said...

I found it! I really would love to win this cart! B is for....bubble!

Marijo said...

Okay, could finally watch it. B is for BFF!

Marijo (aka scraptasticgrammy)

Anonymous said...

Yay for me....I found it....now I just hope I win.....Thanks, this was fun!!!


M. Michelle said...

Found the video.... Yeah for all of us!! lol
I love fun challenges like this!!
Great website!! Super Cute!


PIkorettas said...

YEY ME!! Great clue knew what it was because the blue bind it all got my attention last night when I was visiting your blog. You guy are the best!!!!

chic-n-sleek at gmx dot com

Anonymous said...

Love the new site. found your hidden video.
B is for beautiful.


Anonymous said...

LOL that was fun. B is for blue that was a gooder.


Anonymous said...

b is for basket. very nice site

Sharon said...

love hidden video b is for bloopers how much fun you two have levine@pldi.net

Melissa said...

Congrats on your new blog!!! I found the blue thing. :) B is for Bind it All! I look for to seeing what you create!
melly14 at gmail dot com

mema said...

I found the video...and B is for the BOTH of you...LOL

Ashery said...

Yeah, I found it!! B is for blog, and your new one is awesome Karlee! Thanks for the opportunity!

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

It is working now.... B is for Blue!

Creative Expressions by Lynn said...

yeahhhhh!! lol I found it! Thanks for the chance to win this awesome cartridge!!!
passionwriter at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I found it. Love your new blog. B is for Basket!!



Bearylish said...

You two are to funny!. So B is for Bearylish wins the giveaway lol. Just kidding. Your new blog is so cute! I can't wait to see what you create!!

aremus said...

Yay I found it!!!!!! B is for babies!! Great blog Karlee!!

Kim H said...

I found it! I would love to have this cartridge because of "B" for Blue and Boy! I have a little boy who is turning 5, sooo he isn't that little anymore but since I am new at scrapbooking and card making it will come in handy! LOVE to watch you on you BFF website and now hopefully will get to enjoy watching you! Thanks for the fun little challenge!

Kim H


Michele said...

That was fun, but I was so confused at first! B is for Beach! Because I would love to be there right now :) thanks for the giveaway!


Linz K-Wal said...

B is for Blog! Great Idea with te secret video!

Happy Crafting,

linzkwal @ gmail dot com

LogansCraftyMomma said...

Yay!! I found it!! B is for my little blonde headed boy that would love for his mommy (me) to have this cartridge!! Thanks for a chance to win!!


rcj0907 at yahoo dot com

Crafty-ness Creations said...

Oh this was fun!!! I finally found it. B is for BUTTERFLY! I can't wait til Wednesday. Friday is my birthday and I this cart would make the best birthday present. Love the website, Karlee!!


littleduckstampin said...

Love the new blog! B is for best blog ever. lol

Joyce H


Anonymous said...

I found it! B is for Brandon which is my hubby's name.

tlmunyon at yahoo dot com

Angela said...

B is for butterfly. Loving the new blog Karlee...


Doodlebugs said...

Found it well B stands for best lite cartss in the bunch

esabatine at gmail dot com

Scrapfaire said...

B is for bubblegum!!
Hugs you two!!

GreenScrapinMachine said...

I loved searching for the video!! B is for beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo...found it!!!! B is for beach....where I live!!! Hope I win!!! Love your new site!

sunriseonthebeach99 at cricut mb

Cuddles and Chaos said...

I found the video though I couldn't watch it.

B is for beautiful nails! Loved them last night and glad that Robyn got a nice person.

Anonymous said...

b is for beautiful and enjoyed
the videos



Evinadas said...

I found it!!! Karlee your website looks great! B is for Botanicals one of the new cartridges added to my wish list. You guys are way to funny, you must have alot of fun together.


Anonymous said...

Woohoo...I found it... B is for beach...where I live! Love your new site....hope I win.

sunriseonthebeach99 on cricut mb

Anonymous said...

B is for Blue Bind it All, of course. Great new blog!

Anonymous said...

Tricky Tricky tricky! But I kinda like having to find it!

arock1 at brockport dot edu

Anonymous said...

Found the secret video! that cartridge is so cute. B is for Birthday. thanks for the giveaway.
and i LOVE your new blog!


mara22301 at yahoo dot com

michelled said...

Found it!!! Yeah! B is for Besties..like the two of you....
Karlee and Robyn ROCK!

Thanks for the chance to win!~

myhell 1968 @ yahoo dot com

Peekpu said...

Found it!
Thnaks for the challenge!!

B is for Blog - Karlee's new Blog.
:) And for bubbly... You ladies are too cute when you get together!

Carol said...

That was fun... great new blog. B is for Baby. Thanks for the opportunity to win this new cart. Can't wait to see your new creations. Good Luck!

Michele said...

Found it !!

B is for BFF! Yes, you and Robyn. You 2 are too funny to watch.


Susan from SC said...

B is for BUNCHES of cartridges! :)
Great blog, Karlee. I'll be following you! You are off to a fabulous beginning!

Nicole said...


Running Turtle said...

Found it!!! I think you are lot of FUN! I enjoy watching you! B is for Blessings, I have been given so many!!

jcinokc said...

Well I found it. I clicked on that thing so many times yesterday and this morning and I guess it wasn't up yet. It was just taking me to your old posts. B is for blue. Love your new blog.

jenlovcarr at aol dot com

FroggieStamps said...

Found it, woo!

B is for...buttons! :)


Josy0710 said...


B is for BERRIES! :]


Melissa said...

Found the secret video...and b stands for boys in our house...Jacob and Nickolas who are BOTH SUPER BOYS!! would so love to win anything!!!

Dorian said...

Very cute! B is for Bach, one of my favorite composers!

Penny said...

Found the video. B is for Believe. Thanks.

Barb said...

found it! B is for Barb LOL

momof2redheads said...

B is for Braden (my sons name).

I can't wait to see what you come up with for this blog, I always stopped by your wannabe blog to see what you did.

brandstedr atcomcastdotnet

Connie said...

B is for Baby! Very clever!

chowlulu at aol dot com

Jennifer Richardson said...

Yippie I found it :) B is for Bring on the Scrapping BFF Style. You two are so cute! Wish you could do more together. I miss my BFF when I watch yall! Good Luck Ladies!

Cricut Chick said...

All I can say is B is for "BANANAS"
that describes Both of you. "BANANAS" just "BANANAS"

You guys are silly together! Keep having fun and sharing it with us.

Love your website. Can't wait to see more.


Kaycee said...

"B" is for Beautiful! kcfrancisco at hotmail

Lauren said...

I found it!! Ya'll are too funny. The new blog looks fabulous! Can't wait to see more videos. B is for balloon!!

tinkerfeet said...



nadine said...

B is for beautiful, bubbly, BFF's. I had a great time watching. Your new blog is awesome. Thanks for the chance to win.

deanerarby at aol dot com

Kate said...

Yay- found it! Another fun ustream last night! I agree with other comments, I totally miss my BFF when I see you two together!! :( B is for Banana milkshakes (in my house at least!) Would love to win this cart!
-Kate716 (from cricut mb)

Lori said...

found it figured it out right away. Cause I no how much you like your BIA. great blog will be checking back often.
hurdlori at sbcglobal dot net

Nadia Ortiz said...

yay found the video! i hope i win!

nadiasmorales at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

B is for "Besties!" Congratulations on your new site. I really enjoy watching your videos and learning new things. I'll be checking back often!

helfrich 1 at comcast dot net

Nina said...

B is for BFF's!! Thanks for the video and chance for the new lite cart - can't wait to see what you have in store for us....

Amy said...

Yay, found it!!
B is for Bananarama (love the 80's). You & Robyn are hysterical.
Great new blog Karlee. Thanks for the chance to win the cartridge.

stefeni said...

B is for Bonkers! You two are so silly!

perisprinkle at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

B is for baby! :) Great site Karlee!


Danielle said...

Love the video!!!

B is for Bonkers!

girlracerphoto at yahoo dot com

capdteach said...

B is for boisterous. Thanks for the challenge and the clue. Cute site with cute projects.

Anonymous said...

Karlee, love the look of your new blog! B is for BLUE BIA! I love watching videos of the two of you together! Makes me wish I lived closer to my BFF!

Stephanie Doan
doans 88 at pldi dot net

P.S. Love how you got the purple & green incorporated on your blog.

Dish it Up said...

Yeah I found it! B is for my birthday in one week :)

Stephanie said...

HI Karlee,

WooHoo I found it, clever hiddin' spot ;)

You ladies crack me up XoD....... B is for Beautiful Blogalicious BFF Bloopers!! Love'em!!

Your blog is awesome and I look forward to visiting often to see your creative additions to the blogosphere ;)

Thanks for making me smile & laugh today and for the chance to win the B is for Boy LiteCart. Have a blessed one :)


Kelly said...

Hi Karlee, Great hidden video. Congratulations on your new blog. I will be checking back often. kleonard at trans-video dot net

Sandra Konrad said...

You guys are too clever. I look forward to following Karlee on her new website. B is for Booboo

Jennie K. said...

Haha... that was fun. As soon as you said blue, I knew where to go. Let's see.... B is for Birds - I have 4 parrots who are in the room with me at the moment. I enjoyed the video last night and I'm looking forward to all of your future krafts Ms. Karlee!

Chelle said...

That was fun! B is for my Boy, Brenden. Great blog...thanks for the chance to win.


Wonderful World of Wirfs said...

Fun video!!! B is for boys which I have 2 of.

jwkw99 at gmail dot com

The Gatherums said...

Great hidden video. What fun. B is for bicycle (just got back from a ride.)

Anonymous said...

I enjoy watching your videos.
B is for Best Blog.



MischievousFox said...

Wonderful giveaway! I sure would like this one! In our home.... B really is for BOY! Love your blog - thanks for the great giveaway!

mthegrublet at gmail dot com

Kathy said...

B is for beautiful blog!! Love the new design. And as a mother to three boys and and a grandson and a new aunt to a beautiful baby boy.....I may need this cart!!


krussell68 at yahoo dot com

karen_kohls said...

I would love the cartridge B is for Boy. I have Handy Man, Live Simply and Bloom. I am watching your video from last night with Robin in between Saturday chores. We also have a wedding to attend this afternoon. Busy day. Love your new blog.

scrapblu said...

Love the blog!

B is for BLU (that's me!) lol
B is for blooper!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Ya I found it, thank you for the clue or I never would have found it... B is for Billy. I hope I get to win this. hugz to you both.

Sarah:) said...

Omg! Hah. That Took Me Foreverrr! Thanks For A Great Video And B Is For Braces :) Well Hope I Win! AQnd Thanks For An AWESOME Videoooo!!

Anonymous said...

Like the new look! B is for the BEACH! Thanks for a chance to win!

luvbugj9 said...

love the video, you are so funny. B is for BFF's!

Sarah:) said...

I For Got To Put My E-Mail! :/ My E-mail Adress Is Sarahluvsroxie@yahoo.com Its Two Above This One

priscilla davis said...


junedavisd at netscape dot net

ScrappingStephanie said...

Very clever girls. It took me a while to find it! B is for Balloon;) Karlee I love your new blog, good luck with it.


LoriU said...

Ack! I forgot to say in my post that B is for BIND IT ALL!! Or B is for Besties!

stitchpro at hotmail dot com

M.J. Rutledge said...

Loved the search, great idea!!!! B is for BFF!

gjrmjw at msn dot com

Kristin said...

Found it! B is for Bella (my dog)! Love your new blog!

Kristin208 at gmail dot com.

Kathy said...

B is for "Bestie" (BFF)! You two are too much fun! Love your new blog!
kmgillon at yahoo dot com

Lauren B. said...

Super cute new website! Everything looks great. Can't wait to see what new crafty projects that you post!


Jaime said...

Yay! Found the secret video!


Anonymous said...

B is for Beautiful Blog. Love the new blog.

snapnscrap at sbcglobal dot net

Kristen said...

Love the B is for Boy cartridge. After viewing your videos, I say that B is for "bananas." Love the fun you have together!


Anonymous said...

Found it! Thanks for the clue!

Lets see, B is for Beach!

Cheryl M
cmccheryl at juno dot com

Helen said...

You both have so much fun! B is for balloon.

chelle said...

i found it B is for blast i had a blast watching your show last nigt. i hope i win this cart. michellecrawford80@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

B is for baseball.... yeah I found it!!

silly_girl_823 said...

Yay!! Found it! B is for Beautiful new Blog!! You guys are so hilarious together and can not wait to see what you have in store for us this week!!

Amy V

silly_girl_823 at hotmail dot com

Kate said...

B is for braces! Don't you love how it takes 10 times longer to get things done with your friends!:) Congratulations on you adorable new blog. Thank you.


Ali_K said...

So cute Karlee! B is for Bret- (my son!)

Jamie said...

Lets see B is for brothers!

Kim V. said...

B is for brother - I have four older ones! LOL.

I clicked on the BIA earlier, but it didn;t do anything - now I know why! Thanks ladies!

Kim V.

Lysa said...

Karlee, love the website and B is for BFF of course. You two girls are a hoot! Enjoy your time at Robyn's and a safe trip back to NM.

My Creative Time said...

B is for Braces!;)
Big hugs,

Nisson Family said...

Congrats on the new site Karlee! That's fantastic. Love the design of it. :) B is for Blanket! ;) Looking forward to more videos and Krafts by Karlee!

pjnisson at hotmail dot com

mary said...

B is for Bind it all. B is for Bribery; which I would love to do to win the cart.
G is for giggles among BFFS. Cute!
Congrats on new blog!
mdot kdot schmidt athomail dotcom

Anonymous said...

maybe B is for Blue Bind it all?
Robin @shinystuff@ocsnet.net

Judy Cartwright said...

B is for Boogers!! :)


Carrie said...

YAY! Found it! B is for blog! Karlee - love your blog! ;-)

Myrna said...

Great website Karlee! B is for Beautiful.


KOLA said...

How fun! Bookmarked your site and I'll be checking in regularly!


Sanwanya said...

woo hoo that was fun what creative mind you got there:)

B is for BESTIE:)

Elisa said...

B is for Baby! Karlee love your new blog! Thanks for the chance to win!

elisaap1 at yahoo dot com

Tammy said...

Love you two! B is for Beautiful Baby Boy Jeremy my Grandson who we are raising, I thought we were done having children but God say otherwise!! LOL I had a great time last night, I will be joining y'all at the pajama party and B is for Boy is the one Cricut Lite cart I really really want so I hope I am the one! LOL Thanks and Karlee I love the new blog look!

Anonymous said...

B is for Blinkie. Loved watching you last night on the Live with the Pink Stamper.


Anonymous said...

Cool I found it! Great blog Karlee. love it!

veryscraptastic at gmail dot com

Lisa aka Myran said...

Bi is for Birthdays!
Can't wait to see more from you Karlee :D

Maquel said...

I found it!!! WOO HOO!!! And on my first try, too!!! B is for....Babies!! (i'm a labor and delivery nurse!!)

mderosby at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Nice blog... love the purple... you two look like you have so much fun... B is for Binkie!!!

supermom said...

ha, too funny! very creative girlie!
this is the one that I want the most.....B is for B O Y!

B is for BALLOONS! :)

kcompas (at) nvc (dot) net

Karen said...


B is for baseball! And, B is for beautiful blog. I love it. Love he new lite carts, too!


karenakuntz at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

OPPS... I couldn't get my log on to work... Love the blog!! LOVE the PURPLE... having to sign in under anonymous.... Serious is over rated!! B is for boat!!


miranda said...

I posted it on the other one too just in case. but... my B is for Brayden. He is my 2nd child and oldest boy. He is all BOY and this new cart. is already on my wish list. I love your new blog and can't wait to see more!


Anonymous said...

"B" is for bunny! I don't know! I couldn't come up with anything witty. You two are so silly. I have a feeling it was a long evening! Apologies if I double posted. I didn't get the message that my comment was entered.

spinlots at yahoo dot com

Michele said...

I finally found it...woohoo!! B is for boogie - which is what I'll do if I win!!

mlhoriuchi at yahoo dot com

ashley said...

Cute! I noticed the little blue machine, but did not click it. Took me a while, but here it is!


Anonymous said...

B is for Baby! Yay!

Cute idea to hide the video---loved searching :-)

jillpkeller at gmail dot com

Kristen said...


I love your Blog!!!
B is for BFF

B is also for Best Blog EVER..

PINK stamper live was great last night. Thank YOU


Toni said...

that was such a cute way to hide the video

SnipTuck Designs said...

Found it. B is for Best Friends.


Indira said...

You`re so bright. For me B is for Brother, I have two, no sisters, thanks.

Jenn said...

YAY! I found it :) It took me a minute! Thank you for the chance to win!

I am not very "word" creative...
B is for... Baboon!


kathylee... said...

That was fun! Thanks a "BUNCH". Love the blog and creations you design. cant wait to see more.


so_sweet_n_simple said...

Hey Karlee
Veronica did a great job on your blog :) glad i found the hidden video.
B is for Blue Bind it All

kathylee... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hurray! I have two little boys and this cart would be fabulous!

By the way, y'all are the "BOMB"!


stacyhaugen at gmail dot com

Shelley said...

Yay!! I found it! When Robyn said "B is for blue...what a great hint!

Thanks for the chance to win. WE are also enjoying your visit with one another! :)

shelleylee34 at yahoo dot com

nikki said...

Yay! I found it! :)

aaronsmom 89 at hotmail dot com

Stacy said...

I would say B is for the Brown family boys. : )

Have enjoyed your videos and love finding new things I can do with my carts! Thanks!

stacy.j.brown at gmail.com

The Fantastic Spencers said...

CUTE! Glad I found it! B is for "BEAUTIFUL". That is what craftin is!
Shawn Spencer

Brittany said...

How Fun! B is for Best Buddies, Like you and Robyn!


Tisha Grindley said...

Hi Karlee - love your new blog. And, so glad I found your hidden video. I really love the new cricute lite carts - I have two:). And, just called one of the walmarts in my area and hit on one that has them all. So, you can probably guess what I'm going to do today:). BTW, B is for (my) baby boy - who happens to be 22.


Tara said...

Loved you guys in the live show!! Congrats on the new blog! Loooove it! B is for Beautiful Baby Boy!!

Anonymous said...

Posted on the wrong one earlier - glad I started poking around at everything BLUE!! Around her these days, B is for Battle of the "B" Names ... trying to name our third! Thanks for the creative inspiration!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new blog Karlee! You were very creative in hiding the video...love it:) This is such a cute cartridge. Thank you for the opportunity to win it! B is for Beautiful.


mscelly said...

Hi Ladies! B is for BUSY ! I love that you guys share so much with the paper crafting world!



Mrs. Lacy's Math Class said...

Congratus Karlee. I have learned so much from your BFF...she is amazing. Enjoy your blog...we will be following.
B is for both beautiful baby boys
(3 & 5 years old)

Melinda Ann's Craft Room said...

Love the new blog Karlee : )!! B is for BLING LOL we ALL love BLING!!

Lawyers Scrap Too! said...

Love the new site Karlee - congratulations!

ScrappinMaMa said...

Yay! found it! B is for Birthday! It was mine yesterday, had a great time watching you ladies last night!

Angie said...

Found the video. I say B is for Blast because you guys always look like you are having a blast!!!

AllisonH said...

Hey Karlee, found the video. I have one. "B" is for beautiful, which is how you must have felt after applying your lip gloss using the video camera. :)

You and Robyn are fun.

Thanks for the chance to enter.

Allison H


smilin said...

Hi guys! B is for busy....now that I am retired, I am sooooo busy!! Love your new blog Karlee!

MisCdaisy said...

Yea!!! I found it!!! I love love love your blog!!! It is sooooo cute! B is for Best blog ever!

Love, Mel

MisCdaisy at comcast dot com

tresbebe said...

Found it! I guess since the L&D nurse's B was Babies, mine should be B is for Bones [I work orthopedics]. Like the new blog and thanks for the opportunity to win


Anonymous said...

B is for BUG.


Christina said...

Yay! Found the "secret" video! B is for Beautiful, which is what you ladies are!!!


Holly said...

Yay, I found it!! :) b is for being bonkers - yup, I SAID IT! :P! thanks for everything! :D silly gurls! have a great time together!

bzmom said...

Love the blog! "B" is for 'Best' as in 'Best Friend'. Enjoy your time w/ Robin this week. You two are great together!

Anonymous said...

Look, I found it. (sorry we were watching Blues Clues earlier)
Can't wait to see all your projects.

Trudi said...

Way to go Karlee, love, love , love your new site and the fun you've made in finding your video.
"B" is for Best in Scrap.
Keep smilin'


Dschrader said...

B is for Being Funny! Loved the out takes! Thanks for the chance to win!
Donna Schrader

Donna said...

Oooo!I found the secret video!

Melissaward said...

Yeah I found it :) You guys are so funny! You had me cracking up!!! B is for bells!

Thank you for sharing this with us!!


Scrapkat said...

Karlee-love the new website. B is for "Beth", my youngest daughter. I'm the one who made Robyn the pink crocheted cricut cover.
Kathy - talesofascraplifter.blogspot.com
klhmny at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I found it on my first click! B is for Boy!! This is the 1 out of 24 carts that I must have! The little tikes car brings back childhood memories!

Love the new blog!

EmilyBrady @ cricut MB

Jenn in MO said...

Yea! I found it! B is for Boy and Blue Bind-It-All and Blast - which is what your videos are! Thanks for the chance to win!
Jenn in MO
diecutjunkie at gmail dot com

Sharon said...

Hey, found it! B is for Baby...
Love it!

Vickie said...

B is definitely for Brandon. That's my oldest son and I am soooo far behind on scrapbooking his childhood pictures. Congratulatons on your new blog. It is awesome! --vwcrawford@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chance to win! B is for baseball. Thanks again. I hope you make more videos Karlee.
lilbug1976 at yahoo dot com

Beth said...

Yeah I found it!! B is for Beautiful, Blue, Butterfly! (That's what being a preschool teacher gets ya!!) Congrats on the new site Karlee.


Melissa S said...

Yea!!! I found it!! B is for bubbles! My kids fav thing! Love the new site Karlee!!


Wendy said...

Ha! It took me awhile, but I found it! I left a message on your blog post, but I think this is where I should have left it...

so B is for Butterscotch!

You and Robyn are so cute!

weagz4 at gmail dot com

Randi said...

Yay! I found it right away :) b is for bind it all ;) and bride to be!

princessrandi82 at hotmail dot com

CA Scrapper said...

Yipeee! I found it. B is for Beautiful because that's what you and Robyn are! And so funny together. Love your new blog.



Babykitty said...

ha ha...found it. i was confused for a moment then when you said Blue. and i came here i found it.

B is for Bailey. my dog who likes to sit on my scrapbook chair behind me ...so uncomfy.


Tammi Spradlin said...

Your new site is adorable! B is for BLOG!!! Thanks for the giveaway!
Tammi in Ohio

Cristi said...

Oh, this is the cartridge that I really want. YEAH, I found it, ticky you girls are!!!! YOu to crack me up! Have a fun rest of your time together!
So B is for Bicycle.....


Anonymous said...

Yay! I found the video! You guys are so silly! The live chat was so fun last night! Congrats on your new blog Karlee!
B is for bouncy ball! Something silly!
millers at wildblue dot net

Anonymous said...

Hi Karlee,
Loved watching you and Robyn last night, looked like lots of fun.

Scraplynn said...

B is for Bonkers... Last night was great fun...



becky said...

B is for Becky. New to cards and scrapbooking. Enjoy all the new websites I have found. Thanks for all the help.

Gwen said...

B is for BFF or my favorite babies!

Amanda said...

B is for Baby Boy. My Baby Boy is home for 2 weeks since he had surgery this week. I can't believe I found the video, WOW! I was also shock to see MY card on Robyn's bulletin board (the owl one), YAY!!

Thanks Karlee!

Amanda C.

Mindy said...

Ya I found it, I remembered that you guys talked about the bindit all last night. by is for BOYS my BOYS who are grown up and have boys of their own now. Thanks for the chance to win!!! Mindy1qc@msn.com

Anonymous said...

According to Dr. Seuss B is for "Barber, baby, bubbles, and a bumblebee". My daughter loves this book and when you said b is for what I immediately thought about Dr. Seuss's ABC book.

Anyways, Karlee congrats on your new website!! Great give away!


sharmane_77 at hotmail dot com

Tara said...

Love this!


Jacqui said...

B is for Blessings for having a BFF. I really like your new blog.

Anonymous said...

I found it pretty quick. B is for bouncy you two are bouncy together. Thanks for a chance to win.
Annette @

Kris said...

Love your blog..it is gorgeous!! oh..so..b is for baking :) Crossing my fingers..I love this cart!!! Thanks

jennifer said...

B is for Best of luck to all :) thanks for a chance!


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