Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Day 1 and 2 of #acardadayinmay

Ok so I got a little behind on posting for this campaign but I have been participating and I am loving it!!!

(As much as I have wanted to make a card for everyday I am being realistic and know that I just don't have the time to do that so I have been using card that I have made in the past! This does a couple of things for me.... #1- Saves me time.... #2 Allows me to participate....#3 Makes me use some of the 7 (yes I said 7) shoeboxes full of cards that I have stashed up from the years! (I can never just make 1 card at a time so all the duplicates go in a shoe box!!!!)

This is my Day 1 card!!   This card went to the Secretary at my kids school! It is a card from one of the Paper Pumpkin Kits! I love these kits!! It is SO fun to get mail each month with a fun surprise in it!!! Sometimes when my creative juices just are not wanting to work with me but I really want to make something.... I just pull out my Paper Pumpkin kit and make something!! It is great!! 

Day 2 Card(s)- These cards are going to some ladies in my church! I had 2 of them in envelopes before I remembered to take a picture... whoops!! So you get to see 2 of the 4! These are from a kit from the Stampin' Up 2014-2015 Annual Catalog!!! I love the kits in the catalogs for the same reason that I love Paper Pumpkin... so handy when I don't have the time or energy to use my creative juices but want to make something!