Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Valentines Robots

I was in charge of rewarding the kids who met a reading goal in my daughters school class last year and these were one of the treats I made for them! The kids loved them!!

I used a total of 5 starburst... 2 for the ears and 3 for the feet
 ( the third was mostly for stability) 

I used a Nerd box for the head and glued on googely eyes

 I used pipe cleaners to make the arms and a heart shaped chocolate for the heart


barbara said...

That's a cute idea for the children. I also like the inspiration pail.

Lisa said...

Cute idea, you are so creative :)

Deanne & Rebecca said...

I did these for Valentines for my son last year but the hot glue kept coming off and only half survived :/ did you use hot glue?