Monday, October 28, 2013

Some recent projects

Hey Everyone!!!! I am starting to get back into the swing of things and I have my craft room all set up to "play" in!!! I'm SO excited and I have been working on a lot of projects!! I will get some pictures of my craft room up soon but until then I thought I would share some projects I have done over the past months!!!

 I saw the idea for these in lots of places so I just had to make some!!! I made them as a little treat for my husband's  employees.
My kids helped me paint the pots, and fill them! It was fun to do a project with my kids and I think the " Gum-ball machines' " turned out cute!!

We also had an employee have a baby so my mom and I made this diaper cake! 

I'll share some more projects soon! I need to pull them off my camera!!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Exciting News!!!!!!

If you watched Robyn and I on our My Pink Stamper Live not so Live on Monday then you already know about the exciting news in my life but I thought I would share it here as well!!!! I am feeling better and better each day so I also hope to be able to get the rest of my new craft room put together and get some pictures up of that and some of the FEW projects I have done recently!!!

Friday, May 10, 2013

A little of what I have been up to!

Robyn has inspired me to update my blog!!!! She is recovering from a major surgery and she has found time to update her blog and to craft!! She amazes me!!!! I figured if she could do that then I could find a few minutes to update mine!! I am slowly getting back to a "normal" life and schedule! (Well as much as anything can be "normal") I am looking forward to this summer! Life slows down a little and I am hoping I will be able to get all caught up and organized and back on schedule!!!!

Our house is almost done in this picture! We were able to move in in November!! We are so glad to finally be in!! We are working on getting some touch ups done, unpacking, decorating and trying to get some sprinklers, grass and a fence in!!!

My kiddos really enjoyed the Christmas season!!!

We got to take a ride on the Polar Express and enjoy the day in Durango, Co!

My little girl got Baptized!!


      And I began to get my Craft room unpacked! It is all unpacked now and I can work in it but it isn't organized how I want it yet! Just doesn't have the right flow yet!!! It will get there though!

Hope you all have a great Mother's Day weekend!!