Friday, September 30, 2011

Whooooooo loves you? card

I wanted to make a card to send my daughters school pictures to our family with. I was looking thru my cartridges and saw this owl that I thought was cute so I decided to use it. I didn't really have a plan when making this card I just was creating as I went. 

 This is what I ended up with!
I had some little helping hands and we got this one turned upside down but we made it work.

I didn't decide which stamp I wanted to use until I was done putting them all together. Robyn has so many stamps that would have worked great but I ended up using this one! It is from Robyn's Punnylicious stamp set.

This is the finished product! 

This is the Stamp set I used!

And I cut the Owl from Cindy Loo at 3 inches.



Missy said...

Cute card Karlee, I really like that owl cut!!! And that sentiment is perfect!!

bluucaca said...

Very cute card Karlee

The Wilsons said...
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The Wilsons said...

Love it Karlee. Too cute!! Great idea also for school pics!

Court said...

LOVIN' it Karlee!

Pat N. said...

Yes, that is a cute owl! Your color combo is terrific!--Pat N. (Please stop by to see the card I just made for my daughter's b-day)

Samantha J Designs (Wife2TJ) said...

Very pretty card! I absolutely <3 owls :-)

Carrie K said...

I ALMOST cut this owl tonight. But I decided on another one with less pieces!!

Pam said...

That is super cute!!!

Simply Clara said...

Love the card! Where do you get the animated person that on top of you and My Pink Stamper's blog?

Kim. said...

Really cute card and a lovely way to send your daughter's photo.
Kim xXx

Edna said...

Super cute! I love that owl cut and really need to use it one day soon :)

Trisha said...

I love this one!! I'm going to have to get this Cindy Loo cart now ;)

Luria said...

Karlee, This is a cute card. TFS


ann said...

awwwww you guys did a good job

Karina said...


by Frank-LEE Speaking... said...

Cute card. Wow, I have all the elements to re-create this on my own. Thanks for the inspiration. Smooches... Felicia

Dee Burns said...

Such a cute, sweet card. It has that sleek girly element that is perfect for sending your daughter's pics out. Fantastic card.
Have a great week!
Dee B

Girlie Girl Crafting said...

That card is so cute! I love it.

Anonymous said...

thank you for posting, i know it is alot work....we love your work...Fay (

Selena said...

I don't have this cart but after looking at this card maybe I should hehe ;p


RockinRenee said...

Love this card!

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