Friday, August 5, 2011

JoAnn's Sale

I may be a little late on this but did you know that JoAnn's has Cricut cartridges on sale for 29.99! If you don't have a store near you they are online too! They are the full cartridges so this is a great deal!


Creative Diva said...

Thanks Karlee! For the info. I'm definitely going to stop by and check it out.

handmadebymia said...

thanks karlee it's never too late to inform. it's the thought that counts. thanks a million again.

handmadebymia said...

thanks karlee it's never too late to inform. it's the thought that counts. thanks a million again.

June Houck said...

I actually had a few carts in my hand at JoAnns a couple of days ago, but agonizingly put them back. I think I will have to go a buy at least one; the price is phenomenal!

Selena said...

That is a great deal-thanks for the info Karlee!


Karen said...

I did know that only wish they were closer but my AC Moore has some on sale for 24.99 must be a price war ;)

Frank-LEE Speaking... said...

I just bought the new Cricut project cartridges for $19.99 at my Joann's, online they are $22.49. I was so excited they had what I wanted... Got (word collage, sweet tooth boxes, fancy frames & flower shoppe) woo hoo, what a deal! I found out they can also place an order for you at the store w/Free Shipping! How cool is that? Just sharing, Smooches... Felicia at

silly_girl_823 said...

I agree it is a great deal!! Just got back visiting with my BFF and I introduced her to my Expression and her DH went out and got her the one at Joanns and a few carts! So excited for her!

Amy V

Anonymous said...

Thanks!!! I got 2, Elegant Edges and Camping Critters!!! You are such an enabler...LOL

ewokyoda at yahoo

Jennifer~My Creative Crafting said...

Hey Karlee, I found the Jasmine cart at walmart on clearence for $5!! And 4 others for only $15 on clearence! Not sure if all stores sales are the same, but I thought I would share :)


Dee Burns said...

Karlee, I did get six new carts last week. I agree what a deal.
I purchased another at Walmart so I really got seven...ahhhh have to start playing.
I have to visit more often.
Dee B

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