Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A few things to share

Between my finger, my craft room being turned upside down ( I started that before I hurt my finger, so it is taking me FOREVER to get it put back together), and taking online CE courses so that I can renew my license I haven't been able to craft much. :( 
I have to say that I haven't had to "study" for a long time, so it has been hard to get into that groove and get it done. Not to mention it is so hard to read and retain things when you have kids around! LOL!! I don't know how people do it!! I am half way through a class and have 2 more to take...
So in the mean time I thought that I would post some other fun things!

This is a picture that my 6 year old drew at school yesterday! I thought she did an amazing job!!

 And this is a card that my mom sent to me for Mother's Day! Of course the words inside really touched me (thanks mom) but I LOVED the outside too! My daughter knew exactly who this card was for when I opened it! She said "Look Mom! It's your favorite colors!"

On other EXCITING news! I got my E2 last week and I am so excited to be able to play with it!! I was able to carve out a space in my mess to set it up! Now I just need to carve out some time!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the picture your daughter drew! I am in California, but our kids must be on similar curriculum because my 6 year old daughter just drew a very similar picture at school! Cute! I hope you can craft soon....we miss you!!


Scrappymama Elaine said...

Hang in there girl! You have alot going on! Just keep us posted! Best wishes in your endeavors!

Selena said...

Aww, just take your classes one step at a time. I just got my master's in December and was in college a total of 10 years--Can we say burnt out LOL!!! I'm so excited you got the E2, but totally understand that you won't really have time to play with it. I love the picture your daughter drew, totally cute =)


Sandy from Ukiah said...
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Sandy from Ukiah said...

So excited you are taking the classes you need.. hang in there Karlee... we miss you but sometimes you have to put crafting on hold. So excited you got the E2 and the picture your daughter drew is so cute. Yes she did good. hugs

Samantha J Designs (Wife2TJ) said...

These are so cute! Enjoy your new E2

Frank-LEE Speaking... said...

Ok, at least now I know I'm not the only one short on time and only 1 me. Thanks for sharing your update. We're literally running neck and neck on the same task list. We'll have to keep each other motivated. Nice card and drawing. TFS, Smooches... Felicia at

Nati Tristan said...

Wonderful Card! Can't wait to see what you create with your E2!

My 3 E Scrapbooking said...

Awww...I love the picture your daughter drew! It is amazing! Your mom did a lovely job on her card too! Good Luck with your courses! It's hard to find enough time to juggle everything in a days time! There are only so many hours and you only have two hands (and one of yours is bummed right now)! Just keep at it and those classes will be done before you know!

Sabrina said...

Hang in there Karlee! Sometimes it all feels like it's too much but you will get through it. I love the picture your daughter drew, she is very talented. Take care!

Sabina said...

thank you for showing!

Kim. said...

Beautiful picture, extremely good for her age. I hope you get through the classes soon without too much distraction so you can have more time to play (once the finger has healed of course).
Kim xXx

Shawnee said...

I hope your finger is better soon. I hope you get to craft soon. Your daughter's picture is so cute. I love my children's drawings and cherish each one.

Have a blessed Wednesday!


Mad Crafter said...

How's your finger Karlee? I hope you are getting to use your E2:)

Stephanie said...

Aww too precious! I cant wait til the day when my kids actually hand me something that they created just for mother's day! :)

Arin said...

I found you via The Pink Stamper. I just spent an hour browsing your website and I have to say I love all the creative things you do. You also made me feel better that I me being 3 years behind on my 3 year old and 2 year old daughters' scrapbook (it will get done one day... thanks to you and The Pink Stamper kicking me in the hinny for creative modivation. I even got my craft room (which my hubs so affectionatly calls the "crap" room) organized and crafting ready (even have done about 10 projects thus far. Thank for being and inspiration!

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