Friday, May 6, 2011

Checking in...

Don't forget! Tomorrow (Saturday May 7th) is National Scrapbook Day! Come and join us for lots of fun on Robyn's website! Click here to go directly there.

My Pink Stamper National Scrapbook Day

Also did you check out Robyn's new stamp sets she released today? They are all awesome!! Check them out along with her new and improved web design! She made it a lot easier to find all of the goodies on her blog! Make sure to check out her "Order here" button for a list of her retailers that carry her stamps and her new retailer Signature Crafts!

I meant to post this al earlier today but I got swept away to a Mother's Day surprise at the spa! It was wonderful and much needed!!

I also wanted to update you all on my finger. I met with the Plastic Surgeon on wednesday afternoon. He  was pleased with how it is healing and feels that it should heal without any major issues!! Yeah!! Worst case will be that I have to get a skin graft but I won't know for 6 months on that. So until then I just have to let it heal and take it easy with my finger because it is going to be super sensitive until my nail grows back:( Thanks for all of your well wishes and prayers!!!!


Samantha J Designs (Wife2TJ) said...

So glad to hear everything is ok with your finger. Yay! :-)

Mandy said...

It makes me cringe to think how badly you must have smashed your finger to warrant seeing a plastic surgeon but glad to know it's healing so well :)

Court said...

ouchies miss Karlee!!! BIG hugs!

Lucy said...

Glad to hear your finger is healing. Keep on scrapping' :)

Merica said...

Last summer I fell and somehow tore off my nail also, same hand, same finger. It does grow back,and does become less sensitive. Be patient, and you will be able to laugh about it, eventually.

redheadworking said...

So happy you were "swept away" to the Spa for a Mother's Day time out. And glad to hear your finger is improving... keep the faith!
Happy Mother's day!
redheadworking at earthlink dot net

Kimberly said...

Fantastic project Karlee, i'm glad your finger is doing ok...somewhat. Great smile you have too...TFS!

Alex said...

Just heard the news about your finger and your braces! OH MY GOSH, you look fantastic, but then again you are always too cute :) and OUCH! Hope you heal up really quick :)

CA Scrapper said...

Glad all is well, that must be painful!

Take care,

Mad Crafter said...

Happy to hear that it is better. I can't imagine how much that must have hurt:( So now you have to go see Robyn in June!! She said to tell you that on her Ustream.

Selena said...

Yay, that is great news about your finger-I hope it heals correctly and without too much sensitivity. Glad you got to go to a mother's day spa-how fantastic is that!


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