Friday, April 1, 2011

Scrapbook pages

Okay so I am only 6 years behind!
I think I only have 100 pages done in my daughters scrapbook and they are all from random times over the last 6 years. I have made it a personal goal to try to get caught up with both of my kids scrapbooks. (I am 3 year behind on my son's.) To do this I am going to keep my pages super simple!

For these pages I used Cricut Classic Font to cut out my letters.  
I took the pictures of the first time my parents held my daughter and for my journaling I am telling a little bit about them (ie. full name and birthdate) and then a little special note about that day. 

I have lots of pictures of our family holding her and so I think that it will be really fun to do a page like this for each of them and that way my daughter will know a little bit about everyone who was there and fun little something about that day with them. Their special moment!!


Stephie C said...

Oh yes I am all about simple scrapbook pages these days myself! I was great for my older daughter up til age 3 I would say....she is now turning 9 in May and I have just done randoms from age 3 to 9 baby who just turned 1 has some pages but def not some for everything I would like to document from her first year! I have realized now though that I don't need to scrapbook EVERYTHING just fave pics and stories I want them to know :)

Sabina said...

i like the simple LO! I made some of this too.
Greets Sabina

Lisa said...

Since you're on a roll, would you catch mine up too? I only have 6! Anyway, I think your pages are precious!!

3 Kid Crop Shop said...

I am behind too. Currently working on 2009. I love the layout. Very pretty. Thanks for sharing.


Crystal said...

they are pretty i am behind to but i only have one child so i can only imagine the work with two.have fun

RebeccaC said...

Thanks so much for sharing your layouts! I am feeling inspired to make some simple ones to help catch up on my little one now :-)

Kim said...

So Sweet!! Love your LO's:) What a precious little bundle:):)

Kimberli said...

I'm going to take your advice, as I'm 3 yrs behind in my oldest son's book and 6 months behind in my youngest's (they are 3 yrs and 6 months old, so I've barely started either book!)! But, if we were caught up, then what would we have to do, right? ;-) Love your pages, so sweet!

CA Scrapper said...

Pretty pages! Love that you are preserving these memories for your kids.


L.B. said...

Super sweet nto feel bad at all about being behind..I think most people are behind...if yor were all caught up wouldn't that mean you guys were not enjoyong each other enough because you would have too much time to scrap??

Teresa said...

What cute pages. Our grand daughter calls me Nonna also. Last year when she was 8 she asked me if Nonna was something like a grandma Ha Ha

Amber said...

These are really great and touching pages! Good Luck on your goal! I am a random page scrapbooker too! I just find a picture and go with it! My kids scrapbooks are all over the place! I find myself doing simple pages in books where I'm really behind! It's effective, gives me the sense of accomplishment and keeps me motivated! Have fun!

dizzymomof3 said...

So ok. give us the skinny... do you scrapbook every picture? Or is this a special book with specific timeline photographs in them.
The Curious want to know- I am overwhelmed with the idea of just being crafty for holidays and special occasions.
I love the fact that you are keeping things simple - You inspire so many!!
-Stay motivated!! :O)

kristyscraps said...

Great pages. No such thing as simple, more like special. Special memories. And more to come as they look over them again and again. I love to just make up a bunch of pages and then grab what works for the photos. Thanks for sharing your special pages!

DIANA L. said...

Sweet- It is such a good feeling when you get a page done. You are on a roll now keep em' coming.

Luria said...

Okay now I don't feel so bad. I have only been scrapping for about 4 years and my son is 11 and my daughter is 7 so I am really behind thanks for sharing. I will do the same and make some simple pages to get caught up.


IRW Dana said...

It's more important that the pages are done than how fancy they are. Keep up the good work. papermemories4u @ yahoo .com

Donna and Sara said...

I think these pages are terrific. After all it is about capturing and preserving the moment! A good reminder for me to keep it simple. Thank you.

lmlcreations said...

I know how you feel. My daughter is turning 21 and I only have the first 10 years of her life done. I need to get moving. I want to work on recent pictures.

sieneke said...

You may call the pages simple. But I think they are beautifull. Different, but just perfect

Selena said...

That is really sweet Karlee; I love the simplicity of it and yet it's all the better because of the personal details about each persion--Love it!



Lol! I'm with you my 1st child now 7yrs. has her first year as for my 2nd daughter I only have ultra sound photos, and my poor son well he doesnt have anything yet:( lol! cute easter basket, and i love your cookbook. just became follower:)

scrapdiva77 said...

I love your idea about doing CAS pages to showcase your pictures. I also have a lot of scrapbooks I need to work on and I'm going to follow your lead to get this done.

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