Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mad Chaos

My scrapbook room is in Mad Chaos right now! 
I thought that since my hubby and son are under the weather and I can't get much done I would post a picture of my chaotic room. 
On a VERY happy note I just got some scrapbook goodies delivered to my door and I can't wait to play with them!!! Maybe I can use them in my project for Robyn's blog hop tomorrow night!
Make sure to check it out! It starts at 8pm CST on Robyn's website!!


Haven_mom4 said...

So this is chaos. You can still see the floor and I don't see piles of paper cascading off your work table, so how bad is it really? Would love to see a comparision shot of when it is order.

Candice said...

This is organized compared to my craft room. I had to move my table out of the room so I can organize the room.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karlee!!
I truly hope your "men" are on the mend REAL soon! Tell them..."that's enough now! Spring is here (well almost!)"
God Bless & Hugs from R.I.,
P.S. I think I have the same snack table ONLY in purple!

Carrie K said...

You are funny! This looks better than mine does on a good day!!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh... if you want to see chaos, come to my house. lol..

Pat N. said...

I have to agree with the others; it doesn't look that bad at all!!

IRW Dana said...

It's happy chaos tho. You know you were busy creating when you made this mess:)

cema1cema said...

Love that I am not the only one who's scrap room is in chaos!

Anonymous said...

Love the green and purple. Looks a little messy like my room.:)

CA Scrapper said...

I know the feeling well! I just keep shutting the door to my craft room so I don't have to look at the clutter everywhere! One of these days I'll be organized!


judy_lohman said...

Well, at least you can move around in your chaos. My room is a little area behind the Laundry room and when chaos happens you can't hardly move. I made two Birthday Cards last night and I am going to have to clean the room before I can do anything else.

CraftyShell said...

This just means your a true crafter, and long as you can see the floor I think its all

Selena said...

Your room looks like mine...just stuff all over the place. Not really messy messy, just full of stuff =)


Mary said...

I thought there for a minute you sneaked over to my house and took that picture. Lol.

By Yvette said...

So love your scrap space...very premium. Besides its not a mess....just a sign of a true scrapper.

KengeB said...

i dont see a problem here very organized to me

tiphnie at hotmail dot com

Tracy said...

My room looks the same when im working in it! Love your gift to your mom! Happy Birthday to her!!

Tracy :)*

Kimberli said...

Hope they're feeling better and I'm glad to know my room isn't the only one in chaos right now! :)

Trisha said...

So jealous of your space!! ;)

dizzymomof3 said...

It's great to have a room to shut the door when things are Chaotic.
NO stress we all have moments like this.- Thanks for sharing your moment -LOL :O)

mamawcindy said...

It's not Chaotic. You can still walk. See you have a Green Cricut from Wal-mart. My son surprised me about a month ago with a Green Cricut Expression. I love It!!!!! Your's really looks good in your room.:0)

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