Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cruise Scrapbook Page

Yesterday I felt swallowed alive by laundry and kids meltdowns! I was sure wishing I was back on the cruise!! LOL!!!! I hope to get some more time in my craft room today, but until I do I thought that I would share one of the projects from the cruise. These pages were from Joy's class. She did such a cute layout, Thanks Joy!


TropicKrafts said...

Hey Karlee,
Very Cute Cruise Layout!! I love all the flowers, drinks, and palm trees. LOL makes me want to go on a cruise!! I hope you get time to craft today!! Thanks for sharing it with us!!

snappy scrappy said...

Love it...I love her layouts!

Jea9nalepa said...

Love it!! :o)

Abby said...

CUTE!!! Love the colors!!

Crystal said...

yeah what they said.lol

Amanda said...

VERY cute!!

Kimberli said...

Cute page, I love the bright colors!!

Lisa said...

What a cute layout. This type of layout will work perfectly for one of my daughter's pages. Thank-you for such an awesome idea!

Sabina said...

a very cute Layout, whit nice colors.

Luria said...

Cute Lo Karlie. TFS


Scrappy Pink Corner said...

Really cute layout. Love all the tropical colors.
Thanks for sharing.

Camden said...

Very cute!! Love it. ;)

The Bookin Room said...

Oooooh...I like!! I love reading your guys blogs! Totally gives me inspiration! And I definately know about the kid meltdown!

dizzymomof3 said...

That's a hit right out of the ball park! - esp. since you all just went on the cruise, it is completely relateable. - Great job!

Lau said...

Hi Karlee!!
What a great L/O! I don't scrapbook, but I could sure "lift" some of these ideas for my cards! The colors are right up my alley! Kids & laundry?!?!?! Haven't had a melt down over that stuff in years...but it still seems like yesterday...you too, someday. will look back & realize it wasn't so bad & yeah, I miss it!
God Bless & Hugs from R.I.,

Pat N. said...

That is adorable - nice job!

Kathy said...

Great layout ideas. Hope the family has all recovered.

Alli said...

Ooooh i love that layout! I feel a scraplift coming on!

Selena said...

Very cute layout-although I would have way too many pictures =)


Frank-LEE Speaking... said...

This is Super cute Karlee. I've had quite a few meltdowns myself and my little sunshine is only 22mo old. As a 1st time mom, I enjoy it, but it can be stressful at times. TFS, Smooches...

CA Scrapper said...

Great layout, love the colors.


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