Monday, March 21, 2011

Texas Stampede Fun

Hey Everyone!!!!! 
I had such a blast at the Texas Stampede!!! I loved meeting lots of new people and seeing so many people I know!! I thought that I would share some pictures with you! 
 Robyn, My Comadre Angie, and me.
I will never forget now, our LA meeting! It was good to see you again!

Robyn and I with a fun goodie from Valerie!
Thanks for the great Yummies!

 He He! This was a fun picture! We were fightin' (not really)
And here is our make up picture!
Kristen it was fun getting to know you!

I loved saturday night! I got to get all gussied up in my purple cowgirl gear and do some line dancing! We had so much fun! Thanks everyone for dancing with us crazy gals!

We had a real fun My Pink Stamper Live Pink Pajama Party! It was fun having Monique as Robyn's special guest and having a bunch of new friends hanging out in the room with us!


I know that I didn't post the winners on Friday. So I wanted to make sure that I posted them today! 
I have already emailed you so check you email!
 The Winners are:
Jennifer D and Erin K


dizzymomof3 said...

It really seems you all have such a wonderful time no matter where you all are at.
I am glad for you all.
Be safe.
Watching for your next project.
Thanks for sharing. - Alisa

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh it looks like you had fun without me. :-( I am definitely going to have to go next year.. I need to find a BFF to go with me... hugs

Lisa said...

Do we get to see pics of you line dancing? lol!

Janie said...

So much fun you girlies have ! Oh I hope to get to go to one of these events with all of you ! We would have such a blast ! So glad y'all had a wonderful time !!

Pat N. said...

Shucks, I missed the pj party Saturday night. I was looking for something on Friday night, too early! You girls always have so much fun. Karlee, you're a hoot! Wish y'all would come east sometime. That would be so cool.--Pat N.

Kathy said...

Yee Haw.. sure looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Would love for you to come to Florida.
mskathywmu4 At cox dot net

Amber said... looks like you ladies had so much fun!!! Congrats to the winners! I was on a mini vacation and just caught the end of MPS Live from my hotel room. You guys crack me up! Have fun this week with Robyn and please make some fun videos!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karlee!
What FUN pix! Have ALL my fingers & toes crossed to someday be able to go to something like these GALAS! Feel like I know you girls, but would love to meet you & Robyn.
Hugs from R.I.,
P.S. If you see this before you leave Robyn' should "plant" a few prizes or fun notes in Robyn's studio, so she finds them after you go home! I LOVE to do that!

Selena said...

Thanks for the pics Karlee; these are awesome and it looks like it was sooo much fun!


Kristen Long said...

It was wonderful getting to know you too Karlee!!! I hope you guys had a safe drive back!!! Looking forward to seeing you all again in the near future!!!

Kimberli said...

Looks like so much fun, thanks for sharing your pictures!

Angie Vee said...

Both of my Comardre's Karlee and Robyn mentioned me on their blogs! You both made me feel so special! Thank you!! Remember to roll your R's LoL! The LA meeting is unforgettable and the Stampede is one to remember. You both rock! Can't wait to see you both again. Smiles and Hugs!! your Comadre Angie!!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures looks like loads of fun....

Patricia said...

Together you and Robyn are like Abbott and Castello! I love the photos - TFS! Hopefully you'll be able to go on another trip soon! Patty

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