Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Congrats to Ro!!! You are the winner on my Paisley Cartridge giveaway!!! I have already emailed you so check your inbox!!!!
Ro said.....
Thanks for the chance to win a great cart!!

Yesterday school got canceled so I had both my kiddos home! I grew up in a lot of snow so I had to laugh at our "snow"day. This is what it looked like outside yesterday morning. All of the sidewalks, driveways, roads, etc were melted by the afternoon! I must say that I think there are a lot of dirt road areas in our school district so I think that is why they canceled school but we made the best of the day. We got all of our supplies for our Valentines for my daughters class and daddy got to come home early from work so we got to hang out with him, and that was fun!!


Linda said...

I'm from SoCal so if we got that here...we'd probably be shut down for a WEEK...just in case! Lol congrats, Ro, for winning the cart. Enjoy it!


Peggy said...

Congratulations Ro

Ro said...

This totally just made my day!!! And here I was thinking this morning "Maaan! I never win anything!!" LOL =D

thanks for the giveaway Karlee!!!


Gina at Gigi's Creative Designs said...

Thats not a snow day LOL! at least you got your valentine goodies gathered :) Hope you have a great day today as well :)

tini-uk said...

I know how you feel, I am from Germany and live in England now. For some reason they can't deal with snow here, they keep saying they never get it and for the last three years in a row we had chaos.

Amber said...

Wow! I wish I lived there! My van is parked next to a snow bank that could eat it and still have room for my husbands SUV under there! Our school districts do 1-2 hour delays every week for the snow. It is a pain when the preschool is only 3hrs long, especially since I have to drag the baby monster(likes the snow but not the clothes) and her sisters out in it! Snowsuits seem like they are daily attire around here. At least you had a fun day with the kiddos and hubby! That makes it worth it!

Congrats Ro!

L.B. said...

Your snow makes me laugh..I love in Illinois so your snow day funny to our 20.2 inches.

sweetlilscrapper said...

haha cute.. i was thinking that's not very much snow either! you should see how much snow we have here in st. john's, newfoundland, canada karlee!!

Got2BCrafting said...

That's hilarious.... you can still see the ground for goodness sakes!! Oh well... fun for the kids. My girls would LOVE a snow day, but since we live in N. Cal (not too north tho) we will NEVER have one of those!!

Kimberli said...

We've been having a ton of snow days here - the kids will be lucky to get a summer break at all at this rate! Glad you at least had a productive day off!

dizzymomof3 said...

Congratulations Ro.
Karlee Thank- you for the opportunity. You put some excitement in my day as I anticipated seeing who was the winner. - Go team!

DIANA L. said...


I have a give-a-way over at my blog

Crystal said...

i love the snow.and we havent had any here in awhile :( cant5 wait to see your kids valentines.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karlee!
SNOW? They think that's snow?!? Is there even enough to make a snowman, or a snow ball? LOL Doesn't even look like you need a shovel...a broom would work! Would send you pix of Rhode Island, but it would just be all white-well, now it's getting all dirty, it's been around for so long! So very glad you got unexpected FUN time with the kids & hubby! That's the BEST! Congrats to Ro for winning a great cart!
Hugs from R.I.,
Laura =:8

martysbarn said...

Snow days can be fun when you have kids to play in it!

Kimberly said...

Your right, that's not snow it's just a dusting....ha ha
Congrats to the winner.

Lynn said...

Oh Yeah...from Rural Southeastern Kentucky that is definitely a snow day...some of our kids ride the bus over an hour to get to school...enjoy I am having one myself today.

Kate Furner said...

For the schools to close here there has to be over a foot of snow or has to have 5 inches of snow fall within an hour and keep falling. I live in michigan and we get alot of lake effect snow here! hope you guys had a great snow day!

Crafty in Crandall said...

I live just outside of Dallas,Tx and we had a snow day and there was no snow and very little ice by 10:00 am the ice had melted off the road my daughter,she's a senior this year, wanted to go to school.
love your blog.

JANLYNN said...

I live in mid West Tennesse and we still had snow on the ground from Monday. Now add about 3 inches to that. The problem here is they don't have enough plows and by this time of year they are running out of salt. Lucky me I didn't have to work today ( I am a medical lab tech at a local hospital). Hospitald can't close so I am expected to get to work no matter what. It had not turned to ice whrn I left yesterday so I got home fine. Hope the roads are clesrer in the morning. Should be gone by Saturday (I have to go in at 5 am then). Enjoy your snow days with your kids. One of my grandsons is here with us today. We are makeing treat bags for his party on Monday

Maria said...

This is SO funny! If you even saw what was outside my window right now!! Hope you had fun on your "SNOW" day :)

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