Friday, February 11, 2011

Robyn is coming!!

I am so excited that Robyn is coming to my house!! I feel bad for her teeth but excited to get to have her here! I am going to head to the airport soon!! 
Tonight is Robyn's Blog hop so make sure to check back and hop with us!!!!!


Sharmaine said...

I love it when Best Friends can be together!!! Especially for her She will have you!! Take Care!!

Sabina said...

:-) it's so great to see your friendship!!! I wish you a funny evening!

Kimberli said...

Enjoy your time while she's there, looking forward to the blog hop tonight!

Crystal said...

hope you two will do a video together.any advice on how to keep a long distance bff.i am gettin ready to make a move at least six hours away.thanks.

flowerdisco said...

you both have a great time :)

Amanda said...

Hope y'all have a great time! Looking forward to the hop tonight!

Dee Burns said...

Karlee, take good care of Robyn. While you are at it...make a video of show us how well she is doing. Can't wait for the Blog Hop. Have fun Karlee.

Anonymous said...

Very cute!! Love it!!

scootingranny said...

Great embossing folder and this card is something I may scraplift if you don't mind. My sisters and I are having a spring-fling get-together to craft and party and this would be a great card to send to everybody!

Christine said...

Super cute and simple!


Sheel2fryman said...

To Cute..
Thanks for sharing...


Josie0602 said...

Hope Robyn is feeling better! You two have fun!

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