Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Everday Life Winner

Congratulations to..... Cathie!!!!

Cathie said...

I love the Valentine's day goodie bags. I also just finished making 40+ Valentine's for my DD (6) to handout today. She was supposed to help me but really only supervised. Thanks for sharing. 

I have emailed you so check your inbox!!


The last two days have been crazy!!
I had a very busy but nice Valentines day! I was able to go to dinner and a movie with my husband, and he had a couple of nice surprises for me so that was fun! The kids really enjoyed their Valentines and they liked helping me do some fun little things for my husband.  
Yesterday was my little boy's birthday! He is now 3 and the time has gone by so fast!!!! We had lots of fun yesterday just the two of us and then had fun opening presents and eating cake when daddy got home! 
Now I am debating nap or more laundry??? 


Tosha said...

Nap! I'm jealous I have a 3 month old son who doesn't like to nap right now. I can't wait to see what's next!

Lisa said...

Nap, definately!

CA Scrapper said...

Nap!! The laundry will be there later!

...Frank-Lee said...

I vote NAP!!! Nap are gooood, Goood for the Smooches...

Crystal said...

laundry it piles up fast and you can nap in between

selena said...

Nap for sure, nap for sure!


- said...

I say NAP lol. Too much time is spent rushing around trying to get everything done, only for it to start all over again. Take time for yourself and nap :)

Maureen Reiss said...

Nap, NAP, N*A*P!!!! lol Congrats to winner. Glad you had a nice valentines day!

Kimberli said...

NAP!! Always opt for the nap, the laundry will always be there!! ;-)

Happy Birthday to your little guy! My little boy turned 3 today and I agree - it goes by way too fast!

martysbarn said...


redheadworking said...

Congrats to Cathie! Definitely take a nap Karlee! Are you crazy? The laundry will be there when you wake up.
redheadworking at earthlink dot net

quilt4fun2 said...

Congratulations to the winner...enjoy your new cart.
Happy Birthday to your little 3 year old...time does go by fast.
Can't you do laundry and nap a little? Have a great day!

Lau said...

Hi Karlee!
N-A-P !!!! ALWAYS!! The laundry will be there when you wake up...and if you still don't want to do it...NAP AGAIN! Yes...they do grow up VERY fast...almost as fast as the laundry piles up! MANY BLESSINGS & A HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR LITTLE MAN. So happy you guys all had a nice Valentine's Day.
Congrats to Cathie on winning a great cart!
Hugs from R.I.,
Laura =:8

Dorcas T-deecanta said...

That's not a valid debate is it? I hope you chose to Nap, woman! I always say my first love pillow.:)

Edna said...

Yay!!! congrats to you enjoy the fabulous goodies :)

Sammi Jo said...

NAP, If there is anything i have learned is when the oppurtunity arises for a nap, jump on it!!! :p
Sammi Jo

Amber said...

I vote nap!! I just tried tackling a few loads myself and the laundry is definetly winning the battle! I just keep finding more with every room I walk into! Where does it come from??????? I just threw a load in that had summer clothes and there is no way anyone has been wearing them (besides for dress-up)!! I wish I had chosen to take a nap instead!

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