Thursday, January 20, 2011


I finally got my new cricut out!
I made myself wait and put it under the Christmas tree and then I decided I needed to get some other tasks done before I could "reward" myself. So today I did my first project on my new Cricut! I made a video so you will see its debut soon! I know you might be shocked that I didn't get the plum one, but I was thinking ahead to how my future craft room will be decorated and I couldn't have a plum machine against a purple wall!!
Hope you are all having a great day! I have been super multitasking and have been working on two projects!! One is a video, look for it this weekend!! (wish I could edit as fast as Robyn) And the other I hope finish tonight and post pictures of tomorrow!!!


- said...

Really pretty machine. I wanted to get a pretty colored one, but figured I could just use that money to get more carts. LOL...
I'm having 30 days of Disney on my blog if you would like to come over and check it out.

Crafty Katy said...

Congratulations on your new bug! I love the new line of colored ones!

Kim said...

I Love the green!!

Got2BCrafting said...

OOOOOH so pretty! The green will look good against the purple wall!! I was wanting the plum one sooooo bad, but my E is working great, so I couldn't get one just for the color (according to my husband)!

Got2BCrafting said...
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Crystal said...

that is very nice.cant wait for your video.

Carlene said...

ooooooooooooh that green is going to look fab against a purple wall!

Anonymous said...

Well it certainly is green!

Josie0602 said...

That green machine is going to look great in your purple room!! Have fun!

Pink Lady's Paradise said...

Purple and green are my daughter's favorite colors too. Mine are pink and purple (not surprised are you).
Thanks for sharing,

Country Twinkle said...

Purple and green go together good. Have fun with the new green E.

Erika B. said...

Happy that you finally got to use it! I hate waiting to use my new toys... I can't wait to see your video!

Carrie K said...

I love that green one! If I had the money, that is which one I'd buy!!

Kassidy said...

Super cute Miss Karlee! I want a colorful one now;) cant wait to see what your projects are.

GreenScrap said...

I love the green one but I bought the aqua!! Can't wait to see your projects!! TFS!! Take Care!!
Jennie @

Crafting Katie said...

Congrats to you, Karlee! I got the green one too, and I love it! It will look really pretty against your purple wall.

Maria said...

Did you have to show that??!! I think I might NEED that color! DARN!
Maria :-)

Diana Joy said...

Wow; you have willpower not to have opened it before now. I opened mine right after I got it but was afraid to touch it. Not like it would bite me or anything. Looking forward to your videos.

Kimberli said...

Very pretty color - love that green!! Can't wait to see your projects!

Libby Beach said...

Cute! :) And I think you can never go wrong with purple and green! :)

Christina said...

I love the green E, can't wait for the videos.

ownhomedog said...

love the lime green cricut!!! im deciding between the plum or the green for my next machine!!

Crafty Jogger said...

I love the green color!!!

Sanwanya said...

I like the lime bug! I have a black one wish I had the lime one It would go good with my crafty area in my garage!
Cant wait to see your video!

Sanwanya said...

I like the lime bug! I have a black one wish I had the lime one It would go good with my crafty area in my garage!
Cant wait to see your video!

Sparksgal said...

The green is pretty! Don't feel bad about waiting this long to open it plum one is still in the box that I picked it up from Wal-Mart Site to Store in. :) Maybe I'll open it up this weekend. :)

CA Scrapper said...

Love the lime green Cricut! I thought for sure you would have the plum one but you are right, would not look good against a purple wall. Have fun!

Edna said...

WOW!!!! I soooo love that color how fun and cheerful

Anonymous said...

Congrats on everything. The Land and the new cricut. Enjoy both with health. Lisa aka

Renae K said...

I was actually shocked when Robyn posted on Black Friday that you got a green machine. But, I was excited because that is the same color I got! I was trying to decide between the aqua, lime, and plum. When I got to the store and saw them, it made the decision harder. But I choose the green one. And since my "craft" room has pink, green, and purple I didn't think I could go wrong with the green one.

Renae K.

Janie said...

Congrats Karlee she is a beauty !! Cant wait to see your new video !! Yay I will be keeping an eye out for it !!

Anonymous said...

Awsome! I love green its my favorite color. Can't wait to see your new video!


terriennz said...

Awesome! I like how BRIGHT the color is.. I want a red one! lol TFS

Terrie Barroso

Karin Adamczyk said...

The green one is gorgeous Karlee. Have fun!!!!

miranda said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't let herself do "fun" things until I've done enough "real" stuff first. lol. I almost think I enjoy those days better too because then I feel like I've earned it :). Love the Green Cricut! But my craft room will someday BE green so I think for now I'll just stick to my original colored cricut. Can't wait to see your projects!

Cindy Stark said...

Don't worry...I got my teal one on Christmas and I haven't cut ANYTHING yet...she's really pretty on my desk. I think since I have been used to cutting 6x12 I am sort of afraid?!? Weird, huh? Looking forward to your video.

Cindy Stark (fan in AZ)

raising4boys said...

It's a beauty! I think it will look great in your purple room. Way to go finishing other projects first.

Jim and April said...

ohhh LOVE the color! I was looking at these the other day at there any reason why they seem a bit cheaper than the regular white cricuts? are they fully cricuts and do exact same things as the white ones?

Court said...

I have been trying to find one on super sale in green. SO jealous of yours and so happy you finally rewarded yourself and brought it out! :)

ShelsStudio said...

Beautiful Green!!! Can't wait to watch video, thx for sharing:)

sasha said...

I think it was a good colour choice. Green looks great against purple

Selena O'Donnell said...

Karlee, I love it! It's totally going to 'pop' against your purple walls. I have the regular white one, but would love some lime green vinyl to spruce it up and match yours! =)


SherriC. said...

Love the Green Cricut, it is going to look GREAT in the Purple.......
hey what are you gonna call your room, Robyn has the Pink Loft and Pink Studio...what shall we call Karlees space....oh oh oh Karlee I see a great contest here, Name Karlee's Space.....
how about Karlee's Krafty Korner....ah just a thought....

Dayami said...

Love it! I got the same one. Although I have to admit that when they come out with the hot pink one (I know they will, I am praying they do!) this one will be replaced. ha!
Did you find this one to be less noisy than the other one? I did.
Cant wait to see the video!

Lena said...

I love it. I wish, I waited to get that color now. I am a new blogger so this month, I am giving away custom made apron by me. My blogspot is

Shelia said...

I have the green cricut..Love, Love,Love it..

Connie said...

congratulations on your purchase. I know it is nicer to own. looking forward to your video.

Amber said...

It's beautiful (well I guess handsome since Cricut is a boy)! It is going to look awesome in a purple room!

Dana said...

I love this color! WHen I purchased mine on Black Friday I thought it would be blue, but it is teal. I love green and really wish I had gotten the lime green one instead now. Anyhow, can't wait to see your video.

JLM DESIGN said...

very cute! my favorite favorite favorite color is purple!!!!! but i do agree with your thought process! you want to make your beautiful machine POP! Hello GREEN MACHINE! :) have fun with it! :)

Deborah in Atlanta said...

I love the green! Love it! And hey, Linda at LilGreenBugville said your birthday is the 22nd. So today is your birthday, huh? So HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

ScrappySandy said...

I like the green one too... I think I will be getting the plain ole' expression and I will cover it with some vinyl or something...

shasta said...

Nice color, one of the girls at our crop has one. I wish I had a purple one, it's my favorite color too!


kate said...

Fun color! Enjoy!

Natasha said...

I got the green one too, put it under the tree too. It has the nickname "Mantis" in our house. LOL!!

Kami said...

I love my green one as well. It fits in perfectly with my crafting area decor (Hot Pink & Lime)

Annette said...

I love the colour, it's fantastic!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Karlee,

I love your GREEN machine. Have a great Brithday.

Sandi said...


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