Monday, January 24, 2011

Chore Chart

So I finally finished my project! It took me a lot longer to put together than I thought that it would.  LOL!
My plan was to make this chore chart for my daughter and I wanted it to be adaptable. There are things that we do each day and then there are things that we only do on a couple days of the week.

Here are my pieces before I laminated them.

Here are all of the pieces after I laminated them. The top row has all of the "Done" stars for when she completes the chore. Then next row is the days of the week.  The next two rows have the things that we will do every day.  The last row is the pieces that we will use on different days!

For now this is how I am going to use them. I will have the day at the top and then I will have all of the chores for the day below it. I am hoping to eventually find a framed metal piece that is big enough to have all of the daily pieces on it and then a section for the "extra" chores. When I do find that I am sure that I will post that too!! 


silly_girl_823 said...

Very good idea!! Looks like it took awhile to put together but I like it!! Hope she does well with it!

Amy V

barbara said...

that's a clever idea.

Beebeebabs said...

Sooo cute!!

Crafty Katy said...

That cartridge is just genius! I'm sure your daughter is going to love doing chores!

Jim and April said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE adorable! what cartridge did you use for these?

lena said...

Really adorable. I like to invite to my blog for a custom made apron. Enter @

Cards by Kelly said...

Great idea. How about using a dry erase board to stick them on. A lot of those are magnetic now. And the come in all sizes! Just a thought. And Happy early birthday to you!

JennyKozar said...

This is great - Karlee what about a big cookie sheet?

Thanks for sharing.

Love Is In The Details said...

Nicely done. i'm actually working on a chore chart project right now too :) I picked up Chore Chart the other week. I'm going to pick up a magnetic board tomorrow that will hopefully work. I figured magnetic was the best way to go so the pieces could be moved easily. Andrea

L said...

I love it! This is such a good idea. I need to do something like this for my children. Thanks Karlee!

Kim said...

Great Idea! To bad my kids are all grown up:) Love it!

Princess Hilda said...

so cute

Linda said...

That's cute!! My chore chart for my girls have been on my "To do" list ever since the cart came out!! LOL

christana08 said...

I love it! I almost can't wait until my son is old enough for chores... almost. :)

Yvette said...

You can also customize your own by painting a large picture frame with magnetic paint in the color of your choice.

It is a very cute project and I look forward to seeing it after completion.

CA Scrapper said...

Cute idea Karlee!

Janie said...

Super cute chore chart Karlee !! What a great idea !! TFS !

LilGreenBug said...

Cute project, Karlee!!! Thought I'd better say 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY" before you leave for CHA!!!


Erika B. said...

I love the way this turned out! I have been looking for an idea for a chore chart to cut down on the confusion over who's turn it is to do which chore...

Country Twinkle said...

Awesome project! TFS!

Debbie said...

I just got this cart and plan to do something very similar for my children. How did you laminate the pieces?

Kimberli said...

Great idea!! My oldest son will be 3 next month so he's not quite old enough to start this yet but I hope to at some point this year and will defiitely use yours as a guide! Thanks for sharing!

Jena said...

TFS! I have this cart-but wasn't sure I how I wanted to put together a chore chart!!

McBDesigns said...

I need to do this for ME! :) I think the big "done" stars are the best part. I've created chore charts for my boys on the computer using clip art designs, but they never lasted very long. The feeling of accomplishment by seeing a row of DONE stars might be the push we need around here. GREAT JOB!!

Big Mama LeAnne said...

Karlee! I love love love that you have her prayers and scripture time on her chart! Great Job!
Thanks for sharing!

Carol said...

I love love love this idea! I have been wanting to do a chore chart for my kids but I love this idea better! Hope you don't mind that I use it. TFS

GreenScrap said...

Really cool!! Love it!!
TFS!! Take Care!!
Jennie @

Denise-Scrapmouse said...

Cute idea for getting the kiddos to learn about responsibility.

For the magnetic board, have you thought of the memo boards they sell at Staples and Ikea too I think? They are usually magnetic. Or Ikea sells magnetic strips. Each of our kids have two on their bedroom doors and they are very handy for displaying artwork, school certificates, and placing notes. Or how about buying an inexpensive picture frame and taking out the glass and placing a sheet of metal in it's place. Then re-attach the frame backing and you can hang it on the wall. Just some ideas to think about.

Crystal said...

you made it look so fun and cute.gotta make one for my five yr old.thanks for the great

Anonymous said...

You should check out IKEA for a large magnetic board they have quite a few to choose from :) love the idea :)


Formerly known as: Queen of Bling said...

Love the silly suprise video! You 2 r "B" boisterously crazy!!! Love it! Thanks for the chance 2 win this B is for Boy cartridge! :-)

Lo said...

I just got done making a fabric covered magnetic board for my own organizing purposes. You can get sheet metal from Lowes or other hardware stores in various sizes. And you can make your own frame for it using frame strips you can get at places like Hobby Lobby. I don't know if Michael's or AC Moore sells them, but they probably do. Or you could buy one of those really cheap poster frames from Walart and instead of having the plastic plexi glass stuff, you can put your own metal sheets in it using more than one to get it the right size. (the hardware store will cut them for you). And then just use the little black frame edges to put around the metal and backboard.

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