Wednesday, January 26, 2011

100th Day of School Project

 My daughters class is doing projects to celebrate the 100th day of school. They were each asked to get 100 pieces of an item and then come up with a way to display them. They were supposed to do the majority of the project by themselves.  So we got some buttons, a box and glue and she counted out 100 buttons and then glued them on her box. She was so proud and asked me to put her picture on my computer, so I did! 

Check back tomorrow for a fun Birthday video!!!


sleeplesswonder said...

So cute, and she looks so proud of her button heart.
Melissa D

Julie said...

We celebrate the 100th day at our school too. Our principal has a giant "100" that the kids walk through in the morning on their way into school.

Just Julie

Dawn said...

That is the cutest box ever!! I love buttons. Great job and so creative!!!

Scrappy Pink Corner said...

She is too cute. Love what she came up with and that she actually did the work. You should be so proud of her.
Thanks for sharing.

Carrie K said...

So cute! I remember doing those 100th day things with my kids and now, with my grandkids!!

Crystal said...

i bet that was is very cutsey.

WhichCraft-Liz said...

She's adorable. Very cute and crafty...just like her mommy

Victoria said...

So cute! I have no idea what I would do.

Gina at Gigi's Creative Designs said...

Awww, shes adorable and her little project is perfect! so sweet of you to post this for her, hope you read all the comments shell get :) Have fun!

Amber said...

That is awesome! She looks so proud of her work! I'm sure Mommy was too! TFS and have fun at CHA with Robyn! I can't wait to see what you two come up with there!

Judith G said...

Looks like she has her mother's eye for design.

Marlene said...

So cute and so proud! Congrats on her 100th day project turning out so great.

Scrappymama Elaine said...

She is her mother's daughter! Great job on the heart!

Kimberli said...

She's adorable, what a fun project!

Carol said...

Aww too cute. TFS

Princess Hilda said...

the cutest box ever!!

Crafting Katie said...

Awww, tell her she did a great job with her beautiful button heart! She sure is a cutie!

Pink Lady's Paradise said...

The button heart is adorable and so is she!
Thanks for sharing,
Cindy :)

Maria said...

Your daughter is just ADORABLE! Boy this brought back memories! I remember doing the 100 day project with my daughter :-) Cherish these moments--the time flies by SO fast!

Snatertje said...

cute box, she did a great job.
And I wish you a happy birthday Karlee. Have a great time at CHA.

hug Linda

Connie said...

Please tell your beautiful daughter that I love her project. She did a fantastic job and it would be so fun to keep treasures in that box. Thank you, and your daughter, for sharing.

Helen said...

Happy Birthday Karlee! Cute button box :) I wasn't able to get a card out to you yet, I'll send you a bee-lated one :)

Shauna said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an adorable box!! She's very talented just like you! :)

Edna said...

So cute and love all the buttons with the fun colors, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARLEE!!!

CA Scrapper said...

Your daughter is adorable and her button box is beautiful!!

barbara said...

I love the button box-it looks great. Barbara

Dee said...

Of course this picture had to go on the computer. What a beautiful and clever project. Your daughter looks just like a mini-Karlee : )

Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC! Your daughter did a REALLY great job covering the box up with buttons! The box looks great! =) I remembered when I was little, we had the 100th day of school, and we had to do that too. Good memories. Thanks for sharing.


athnam at hotmail dot com

Greg T said...

Happy Birthday! The button box looks great. We've done things for my niece and nephew for their 100th days. Today was the 100th day at their schools. She looks very crafty, she may want to start her own blog! hahaha

Denise-Scrapmouse said...

Oh, this brings back memories. I remember when my kids had to do their 100 days projects when they were each in kindergarten. I think one used toothpicks and one used beans.

But your daughter's project is very cute! She did a great job. You should be very proud!

Treasure these moments because kids grow up so fast. Thanks for sharing.

Rae-beccadesigns said...

Very cute! She's adorable. This weekend I will be working with my son on my 3rd and final 100 day project. He loves his bubble gum so we are going to cut out the bubble gum ball machine from the Sweathearts cartridge. He will then glue 100 "gumballs" to it. Once we are finished, I will post it to my blog for you to share with your daughter. Enjoy!

Selena O'Donnell said...

Great job; I love it! In fact, I heart it!

Java Jen's Creations said...

What an awesome idea!!! You're a great Mom!!

L.B. said...

Love it!!! Now you can store all the other buttons in the box.

Cathe said...

I will be doing the same project with my little one this weekend too...I love the buttons. She did a wonderful job.


Cathe said...

I will be doing the same project with my little one this weekend too...I love the buttons. She did a wonderful job.


Evie said...

Happy Birthday Karlee. I hope you have a wonderful day. Happy Birthday

Amanda said...

I love those 100 day celebrations at schools and the kids love them! Such a cute project!

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

tooooo cute!!! 100th day of school is always FUN!!!

Amy Gavin

simplybren said...

That is an awesome project. She is adorable and should be proud!!

VinDeeLoo said...

Happy Birthday Karlee!!!!


Formerly known as: Queen of Bling said...

Love the kids and the shirt! Hope you have an amazing Birthday! Thanks for sharing your talents. Lovin' that music...LOL. bank bank wank... LOL ;-) Have a blast at CHA I would love to attend that someday!

Hayzey2 said...

Happy birthday

Imogene said...

Oh,,your daughters so cute!!! Thats a great ideal with the buttons,,she going to be a cricut create chick like her mom!!!! Imogene

Jacquelyn said...

So adorable! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Jena said...

Very cute! It's funny to me that all the schools now celebrate the 100th day and it was something we never did back in our day???

Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!




Lisa said...

How sweet, wow she did a great job. It looks beautiful ;)

littleeifwife said...

so cute..I need to do this..I probably have over 3000 buttons in every shape & color! My dad owned a dry cleaning store, and they just kept the ones they couldn't match up and reattach in a jar I guess!!

Court said...

Happy birthday Karlee!! See you tomorrow! :)

Tell your daughter that her project is FABulous!

Tracy Best said...

Happy Birthday! I'd wish you all the best, but after seeing such a cutie pie, I think you already have it! Hope you have a great birthday!

L said...

Oh, that is so cute. Great job!

RuthGee said...

Happy Birthday! and love the t-shirt video, what settings do you use on the cricut to cut it out?


happy birthday karlee!! hope u have a great one...

pj said...

She is darling and please tell her thank you for sharing. My son also did a project last year for 100th day and I was sick in bed, so he and his dad went to Walmart and bought suckers, an inexpensive shirt, and a sales person helped them find the right craft glue to glue them all to his shirt. They did such a wonderful job without me.

PinkBlingCrafter said...

Happy Birthday Karlee!!!!

GoddessMychele said...

She is adorable! What a fun project for her!

East Shore Lane Designs said...

very cute project! she should definitely be proud!
debbie :)

Justine said...

Happy Birthday Karlee! Have fun at CHA.
Djfolkestad at charter dot net

The Purple Scrapbooker said...

Great idea!! We have to do this for my son's school too, only we have to put it on a tee-shirt. I'm still trying to figure out what to put on a shirt for a boy in kindergarten. LOL

Betsy said...

She is adorable! The project is so cute, too!

Linda said...

Oh I miss the 100th day. This is the first time in 22 year I wont be celebrating. Well maybe they will call me to sub. It is the day after the Super Bowl her in WI. Go Pack!
Sorry I am a little excited about it this year.
Wonderful project!

Stacy said...

What a great project!! We didnt have to make anything this year for school, hmm maybe they forgot?


Polka Dots Crafts said...

Happy birthday Karlee!!! January babies rock!!! Thanks so much for the video and have lots of fun at the CHA CHA CHA!!!

Regina said...

Great project. Gave me an idea for my grandkids.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karlee!!
Your daughter is adorable & the button idea is great! Hope she has some goodies to put in that box! WOW 100 days of school! Seems like here in R.I. the kids in the neighborhood are always off for snow days! Thanks for including us in your life, as ALWAYS! God Bless & stay safe & warm!
Hugs from R.I.,
Laura =:8

Jessica said...

Well done!I looks like the creativity gene is in her too! I'm sure her teacher will love it.

Purrbal said...

She did a fabulous job. Thanks for sharing.


Big D said...

Happy Birthday Karlee

Libby Beach said...

awww, how cute :)

Anonymous said...

I love that button box! She did a great job!!! Happy Birthday Karlee and the heart button box is a perfect love post for your bday!


Neesey said...

Oh wow, what a cutie! Great project

tigereyes said...

cute box! Happy Birthday Karlee!

tigereyes said...

cute box! Happy Birthday Karlee!

Sarah said...

Such a cute project!!! Gives me great ideas, my daughter has to a 100 day project soon. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

Erika Billedeaux said...

Tell your daughter that she is adoreable. My daughter's 100th day of school is coming up on Monday. Funny how fast time seems to fly by...

Kim. said...

This is adorable and what a great easy project for her to do all by herself. She looks so much like a mini you lol.
Kim xXx

Jennifer said...

Super cute project!!! :) She did a great job!

My 6-year-old daughter & I punched 100 flowers out of cardstock and strung them on ribbon to make a lei for her 100th day! It's so much fun to craft with the kids!

Thanks for sharing,


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