Thursday, December 9, 2010

Storybook Project

I had a project for the youth that I work with. We wanted to give the girls journal that they could write their own "Fairytale"in. I used my Bind- it all and these great covers. I used brown paint and put it lightly on the front and back and then used a clear crackle paint by Tim Holtz and once dry I inked over the cover with walnut distress ink and let dry. For the spine of the cover I used a tarnished brass crackle paint also by Tim Holtz and let that dry. I then used the same in over that and let dry. After everything was dry I Mod Podged a layer and then added the letter on the front and did another layer of Mod Podge. 

For the inside pages I used copy paper and cut it down to 8x9. I then punched and bound 100 sheets for each book with 3/4 inch O-wire.

The girls loved them and I loved them because they turned out how I had envisioned them. While I was making them my 5 y/o daughter told me "Mom, those books sure do look old"! Yeah that was the whole point and I was so excited that she noticed!! Hope you all enjoy!

If you haven't entered my drawing be sure to do so! I will be drawing on Friday (tomorrow) 


Carol said...

Beautiful! They make a wonderful gift.

Thank you for sharing

Cheyennemarie said...

What a cool idea. I've seen the covers but it never clicked that they could be used for a vintage style. It would be perfect for some of the DCWV once upon a time stack or graphic 45 steampunk. So excited! Thanks for the inspiration.

Lynne Smith said...

I have not seen the covers before. Love the idea. Thanks.

Cuddles and Chaos said...

Beautiful and so thoughtful.


Barbara said...

Those books look great and are very cleverly done. Barbara

Jamie said...

this book looks wonderful! Lol aren't kids the best.. they're always so honest and funny :)

Kimberli said...

Those are awesome - great job!!

Anonymous said...

Wow that book turned out really cute. I just loved the "old look" you gave it. Thanks for sharing.
Monica L.

Wende said...

These are so beautiful. Love it. Where did you get the covers? I would so like to try this.

arklatxscrapper said...

Beautiful books! Job well done. CarolH:)

Lesley from WI said...

Wonderful idea and they are gorgeous!

redheadworking said...

I'm sure the YW loved the books! They are truly beautiful!

scrappymama said...

Hey Karlee! The journals are great! Are the covers the Zutter Coveralls? Great job!

Felicia said...

These are Beautiful, Gorgeous! What a special and very crafty thing you are doing for those girls. I hope you had one for your daughter tucked away since she seemed to like them too. I'm sure you do. Keep enjoying the holidays. Smooches...

Anonymous said...

Very cute project but it looks pretty complicated. Bet the girls will love it.

GailPellegrin said...

Hi Karlee,

Loved the project. Where did you get the covers and who makes them?

Amanda said...

Super cute! Great idea!!

Janette S. said...

These journals turned out so great - thanks for the tutorial!

Janette S.

kristyscraps said...

What a great idea. I am positive that will be a big hit with the girls!

Patricia said...

I know the girls will love it. You did a great job, keep up posted on how it goes! It looks like you put alot of thought, effort, hard work and your heart in this project. Wonderful job!

ScrappyMama said...

WOW! That sounds like a lot of work and when I see the finished project, it looks like it was time well spent!! Great job & thanks for sharing! I'm a new follower of your blog & am enjoying going back & checking out your "older posts" as well.

crazy for cricut said...

beautiful job! Great gift idea! Dina

Suzy said...

This is so cool Karlee! I love storybook. Stop and check out my holiday layout I did with it :)

Charlotte said...

I just got a bind-it-all and am so excited, I'm binding everything I can get ahold of together. Now I want to try the covers.

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