Monday, October 18, 2010

3x3 blocks

I have had a lot of you wondering where I got my 3x3 blocks that I used for my video.  I have tried to email you all back but there are a lot!! Sorry they are so hard to find! I got mine from Stampin' Up. 


marenmat said...

Hi Karlee!

I LOVED your blocks too and just had to make a pair of my own. Here I couldn't find them either, so made some myself from cardboard.
If you want to see them go to my blog

Thanks for your awsome video and great idea!!


Beckie W said...

I can't wait to look them up in the Stampin Up Catalog.

*~Danielle~* said...

There are 2x2's at Hobby Lobby online for .99 cents. I am going to look and see if they have them in the store this week.

Kristie Maynard said...

I found some at Micheal's, they are sold individually and are $.99 each, but maybe they were smaller. Also did see some at Hobby Lobby.

Shica said...

I purchased some from Michael's for 2.99 each but they are 3 1/2 inches.

Claire said...

Lol I too was looking everywhere for blocks for this fun project. My bestie and I went to Home Depot and found 2x2 wood and have cut it down. I know the blocks are much smaller than yours Karlee but I hope they'll look just as good. When we finally finish them I'll post for you to see. Thanks for such a great little gift idea.

Anonymous said...



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