Thursday, September 9, 2010

Episode 11- Craft Room

I took me a day longer to get this up but I hope that you enjoy and can get some ideas for your space!


Sanwanya said...

Love it and got some great ideas ty for sharing and girl we share favorite colors!!

Jamiecrafts said...

looks awesome. do you love the cake machine... was thinking about getting one but dont know if i would use it much?

you can email me at

cutecardsbyjamie AT yahoo DOT com

i would love to hear what you think or anyone else that may read this that has a cricut cake :)

barbip said...

great craft room! Tons of paper storage (love that!!!) Thanks for sharing it with us.

jeannine said...

Your room is great and so neatly organized!! TFS!!

Desiree said...

Love your room....very cute and very organized!!!

faithnme said...

love u room Karlee.. it must be so nice to have ur own space... I have just a table and a corner in my living room.. but as long as i can craft I am a happy lady


JennyKozar said...

Love it Karlee - cannot wait to see what you create in there.

Jenny Kozar

LUV2SCRAP said...

Your so cute Karlee :) Your room is so organized I would not be able to scrap in there...LOL JK Love the purple & lime green very nice :)

Great Job Karlee

Diana Joy said...

Thanks for sharing your room. It's so fun to be able to work in the manner that suits us. Congrats.

Jessica said...

Very cute Karlee! I love seeing what other peeps do with their spaces! Thanks

Holly said...

Very nice space, so jealous of all your storage space! I just think you need to paint the room purple :)!

Thanks for the wonderful ideas

Patti said...

Really nice. I really like the cardstock storage cubes. I have something similar. I bought a rack from a scrapbook store that went out of business, it cost me a whomping $30. I love that thing. However, I could use something for my 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock. I'm using magazine containers now. Anyway, love your room!

Mary B. said...

I got some great ideas for storage. thanks

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!! You did a great job!! And I'm definitely inspired! Thanks for sharing!

Rachel Holt

crazyaboutcricut said...

I love your videos :) Thanks for all the great ideas on storage, especially paper storage! Can't wait for your next video.

crazyaboutcricut said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CookingRN said...

wow karlee, you 've got lots of stuff;) love all the storage stuff! now I just need the space...."hubby we need a bigger house!!"

Denise said...

Cute room. Looks so roomy. Love all the paper storage areas.

WhichCraft said...

Great room! It looks so roomy!! Yet you have tons of stuff nicely put away.

Thanks for sharing!


Sharon said...

Your craft room is great!! Love the paper storage shelves!! :)

Fleur-de-lis and Flourishes said...

Great space Karlee - love the colors!

Maureen Reiss said...

Awesome space Karlee!!! Wish I could get that organized. lol

LilGreenBug said...

Great room, Karlee!!! You're so right, those fabric bins are great!!! I long for the day that I actually have a dedicated craft space. For now, I'm a kitchen table crafter.

Congratulations on all of your success!!! You are so talented!!! Can't wait to see you again in January!
Blessings and hugs!

Noelle Reese said...

I love it! It really looks great!

Denise-Scrapmouse said...

Great craft room. I'm jealous because I wish I had that kind of space. Maybe one day. Thanks for sharing.

TMax said...

Great job organizing!! - doesn't it make you feel more creative when your work space is all set up - makes me want to scrap like crazy - FYI on those bins - I love them - my daughter has huge 8 inch polka dots on wall - all bright/tropical colours with other three walls green - put in cube storage in the closet - doors gone as they were sliders that drove me nuts and put in all matching colour cubes from Walmart - they are GREAT - makes her room look way too cool - no one has to see the junk inside them LOL

mereshupe said...

Adorable space!! I currently use my guest bedroom as my craft space, but have already told the hubby that I get a room to myself in the next house and get to decorate it as I see fit! Can't wait!!!

Mandy said...

Oh i love it! i wish I could be that organized. Those fabric bins do look awesome...might need some of those :) Your room looks great!

Anonymous said...

You did a great job Karlee. Do you plan on painting your walls purple or green? That would be so cute!

Anonymous said...

Holy paper Batman!! Wow, and I thought I was a paperholic...Great room :)

Tracey's KRAFTS said...

Hi Karlee...fantastic room makes you feel so good when things are organised. I cannot wait til I can have a craft room got to wait til next year when my eldest son moves out...will miss him like crazy but have started planning my craft room already :-) you've given me lots of ideas. Thank you.


Brooke said...

It's just perfect, Karlee! I think I made need to get some of those 12x12 paper racks. I have some of the fabric bins in my room too! I love them!

Anonymous said...

Great room Karlee! Did u change ur hair? it looks awesome! Im a hairdresser so I tend to notice peoples hair (don't worry I'm not a stalker) lol....

Sparksgal said...

Love all the paper storage. Can you come organize my craft room? (lol) I need to get mine organized a bit steps, right? :) Thanks for sharing your space. Definitely got some great ideas.

GlendaLea said...

Karlee, very nice! Wish I had a room, all my stuff is in the dinning room, because I don't have any extra room, I really would LOVE one of the Woodboces that hold everything!

Anonymous said...

Love the room. Very pretty. Thanks for sharing.


Mindy said...

Great space and well thought out. I do like your colors on your cloth bins. Thanks for the tour. Someday I too will have a scrap space all my own.

Laur' said...

Thanks for sharing the video on your craft room. I am envious of all those Cricut cartridges!!! I feel like a real beginner with my little pile. I think I will show my husband how many you have and maybe he will agree that I need MORE!!! Love the 12x12 storage as well. I think I may have to invest in some. I am working on building tables for my craft loft using wood doors. One can never have too much flat surface in a craft room.

Congrats on getting everything so organized and cute and thanks again for sharing.

Anonymous said...

love your craft room. You have a very organized space. I have a small area in my kitchen but I still loving to be able to craft.
I had to give up my craft room to become a bedroom for the grandkids but I don't mind.

Vickie in N.C.

Kathy said...

Love your room Karlee. I have the paper shelf cubes too. I put some of mine in vertical and organize paper for projects in plastic sleeves with a label on the tab sticking out. You are going to be able to work so much quicker now. Love a organized room.

Haidee said...

Great room can't wait to share my room once it's done..... :)

Thanks for sharing.

flowerdisco said...

Karlee, thanks for sharing your space with us, your room looks very big and I love your colors too.

Dee B said...

GREAT JOB KARLEE. Because of you & Robyn I got inspired to clean up, out & redecorate my Craft room. still have a few things to's tough to watch yours & Robyn's videos & want to play with the Bug...not work on the room. Thanks to you...I will rap it up. Thanks for all you do.
Dee B

Carla said...

Great room Karlee! Congrats on getting it the way you have been wanting. By the way - I love your hair color! I noticed your lighter color in the CHA videos and as much as I love your chestnut color (like mine) you look great as a blondie :)

Justine said...

I love your room, you have it organized it so nice. I wish I had that much space for my things. Happy crafting!

Amy K said...

Your scrap room is great Karlee. Thanks for sharing this video. I love the purple/green color combo!
Enjoy your creative time in your creative space!

Jennifer said...

good job girl! i love my fabric bins too - have a great time crafting in your organized space!!

redheadworking said...

Congratulations! You did it!! Looks so organized and beautiful. You're inspiring me to get mine done.
redheadworking at earthlink dot net

Phillippia said...

Hey Karlee,

Purple and Lime green are my scrap space colors too :)

SherriC. said...

you are sooo organized, it looks great, TFS!!!!! now if I could only get hubbie to finish our house so I can move into my new scraproom...

Jennifer said...


I love how clean and organized your craft room is!!! :) You have more paper than anyone I know! No matter how much paper I have, though, I find myself buying more when I'm working on a particular project-lol!

Where did you get that great white shelving unit (that you have your cake and those cloth bins on)?

Thank you so much for sharing,


Anonymous said...

Love your room karlee. What a great space. Tfs

Deanne & Rebecca said...

Love your craft room! I dream of the day... For now I use part of my bedroom closet, under the baby's crib, and part of my bedroom wall to keep and store my craft stuff :/. Thank for sharing! :D


Linda said...

Nice Karlee! love your room.

Peggy said...

What a great room you have. What are your shelves called ?

Anonymous said...


Loved the room, great job. Question, you said the 12 x 12 paper storage is from Hobby Lobby/Michaels, but where did you find the 8 1/2 x 11 paper storage? Love the know, I work alot with 8 1/2 x 11 and would love to get some. Thanks


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