Friday, June 4, 2010


Welcome to my new blog home!


Jennifer Stewart said...

Cute new blog!! :)

Anonymous said...

adorable new blog!! :)

scrappynae said...

Love the new blog!

Laurel DeViney said...

Really Cute new blog!

Sharon said...

Awesome new blog!!

Meesh said...

Congrats Karlee, Veronica designed my Blog as well! Looking forward to seeing more of your projects!

<3 Michelle

Robin said...

Love the new blog Karlee.

Lillabell said...

Love the new blog Karlee!

Cayleen said...

How do I follow you?

marzeedesigns said...

So happy for your new venture - watching you now!

Gina at Gigi's Creative Designs said...

Im watching robyns and yours you stream video and wanted to swing by and say hello. Ive been looking for your video and I havent yet but will soon. your new blog looks amazing, it really say YOU all over it, its so cute! I just became a follower too :) looking forward to all the new things youll be doing here :) Have fun and stay crafty!
hug Gina
raegina at gmail dot com

Lysa said...

Hi Karlee,
Best of luck with the new blog. Good show with you and Robyn tonight!

Rebecca's Card Hobby said...

Good luck with your new blog. I bookmarked it so I can easily find you.

Ruthie said...

Great job! Good luck with your new blog. I can't wait to see what you kreate!

Melissa said...


GlendaLea said...

Good luck and I have it bookmarked!

iluvmybugs said...

Congrats on the new blog...look forward to seeing what you create....watched your BIA your Dad enjoyed the book!


AbrewFamily said...

Congrats! Cute new blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karlee
Congrats!! Cute blog I hope it goes good for you. I will be on it every day. I enjoyed watching you guys tonight, you have so much fun.
Hope you have a lot more next week.

Mary said...

Love the new blog. Looking forward to more videos!
Tried to tell you I liked the Dad book but couldn't make it work on you tube.
Mary S.

Sandy from Ukiah said...

I love your new blog Karlee. So excited to see all the awesome things you have planned.

pynoblem said...

This is super cute!

Elba said...

Many blessings! I've bookmarked your blog.

Barb said...

congrats on your new pretty blog!!

Anonymous said...

Love the new blog Karlee, congrats!! I am hoping to meet you and Robyn in Chicago. Also...side note here, Pride and Prejudice is a great chick flick. Hope you enjoy your movie.

Michelle Bradfield

CARDS by SUSAN said...

LOVE your cool new blog! Looks like we will have a lot of fun!
Thanks for sharing

Lori said...

Super fun blog! I've bookmarked it to get some fun ideas.

Shari said...

I love your new site. Looking for hidden message mentioned at My Pink Stamper Live tonight

pj said...

Love your new look. Congratulations Karlee!

Angie said...

Congrats on your new blog, very cute!

Angie said...

Nice blog!!

Jeanette said...

had fun last night so glad to see your new web page.
cant wait to see your minis.

Angie said...

I just can't find the video for your giveaway...I have looked everywhere on your site and I became a follower! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new blog..It's really cute and hope to see lots of fun ideas on here.

~Carla said...

I didnt find a video on your new blog but I do love all the purple spots..very cute..congrats on the new look!!!

janeskeepsakes said...

I love your new blog. Had fun last night.

CA Scrapper said...

Love your new blog Karlee!!!

M. Michelle said...

Love the new website... Its super cute!!! CONGRATS!

Rosemary said...

Good luck on your new blog. Can't wait to se what you have in store for us! Rosemary

Lisa said...

Congrats on the new blog!

Purrbal said...

I love it. Look forward to more stuff from you. HUGS


Helene said...

Love the give away you and Robyn discussed on the Live Show. B is for Boy looks like a fund cartridge!

gabyangel said...

Yes, B is for boy is super cute!!

Marty said...

Just joined and love your new blog. Off to find your treasure.

Amy Jo said...

This is sooo "stinkin' cute" Karlee!!

Anonymous said...

love the blog you can reach me at

Anonymous said...

Love the B is for Bot cartridge! How about B is for Besties! Have fun with yours!

Lucy said...

Congrats Karlee! Love your new blog, and especially the cute avatar that Veronica designed for you.
Lucy Lam

Amy Lee said...

Congratulations on the new blog. It is so cute!
~Amy Lee

Jan said...

Love your new blog. It is really cute.


Rae-beccadesigns said...

Love the new blog. I can't believe how many followers you have already. Mine has been up a month and I don't have one!

Anonymous said...

Yay, Karlee!! What a cute blog spot!


Donna said...

Cute new blog.

Donna C.

carol said...

i really like your new Blog page, its so pretty!!looking forward to seeing more of your projects and news, best of luck with your new Blog!!

Debbie said...

Cute blog. Love it.

Jeanene said...

Love your new Blog Karlee! B is for Blog!

Chris Wooten said...

yeah like your brand new blog. b is for blue,just to make sure I get it in the right post, lol.
be safe than sorry, right

Yvette said...

Love the new blog! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karlee
Hope you and Robyn are having fun.
Just droped by to say Hi!

Michele Spera said...

Love your new blog set up:-) Good luck with it:-) I added myself so I don't miss a thing:-)
Stitchinchic at optonline dot com

Jennifer said...


I love your new blog!!! :) Veronica did a great job...can't wait to see your projects!


Tonya said...

YAY! No more!

Charlene said...

Great new blog, Karlee!
at verizon dot net

Aimee said...

congrats on the new blog

BAHGL said...

Your blog looks great Karlee!!
I am glad you are enjoying some time with your BFF!! I miss my BFF, she lives across the ocean!

Paulette said...

Love your new blog...looks great

kar said...

go karlee .. go karlee .. this is a cute blogspot :)

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