Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Cinch Review


I just used the Cinch to help Robyn's daughter make a father's day present. Here is what I thought!

* Ability to choose which holes to punch. Result=Like
* Threading station (that is what I am calling it) An area to place your wire and thread your paper onto the wire. Result= LIke.
I don't really feel like this helps make it easier or faster than just doing it by hand but still a nice little bonus feature.
* Straightness of punches when multi punching. Result= Dislike. I had a problem getting my punches to line up when I had to move my paper to punch again because of the length of my project. If my project had only been only 6 inches then my holes would have lined up just fine.
* Cinching the O wire. Result= Dislike. I followed the instructions to adjust for the size of my wire but I had few problems. 1st I could not get the machine to adjust. 2nd the machine only goes down to 3/4 inch and my wire was 1/2 inch. So between the two of those problems I could not get my o wire closed and I ended up having to use the Bind-it-all to finish the job.

I must put that I did not watch any tutorials or read any other instructions other than the ones on the machine itself.
I hope this helps anyone that it trying to decide between the two machines.
I will be sticking with my BInd-it-all, but am thankful for the chance that I had to use the Cinch.


Megan said...

good to know... I have a BIA and have been thinking of selling it and going for the cinch, simply because of the choosing holes feature. Not sure why I think its so cool- but I do. lol. Thanks for the input on the topic!

Sharon said...

Thank you for this info. I'll be looking at a bind-it-all then. :)

Sanwanya said...

I do not won either one but once I won the cricut expression I will begetting the BIA thank you for the pointers!

Scrappining Mom said...

Karlee... thanks so much on your opinon on the Cinch. I have been wanting to purchase it. But, I think I am going to hold of on it. I see alot of peeps love their Bind it All. Thanks Karlee!!!

CJToo ~ Tracy said...

Thanks for the review is very helpful to know the pro's and con's. Ü


Celeste B. said...

Thanks for the opinion! I've been looking at the Bind-It-All and saw something for the Cinch. I was trying to do some research (as always). So thank you for your help!!!!!

jeannine said...

Good to know and thanks for the info. I know the cinch is cute and pink, but I am a true BIA girl and my BIA is pink, so it's all!!

NathalieM said...

I was about to place my order last night for a Cinch since it was on special. But I was also listening to MPS live that I had missed on Friday just as I was going to click on place your order. And at that moment, I heard Robyn say she didn't like it and that you would try it out and tell us what you thought. I stopped all operations and didn't place my order. Thanks Karlee for your review.

webacct @ q dot com

Indira said...

Thank you so much. I want to buy the cinch, but I have my doubts. Thanks.

Valerie said...

Dang it. I would had only waited. I got the cinch on vacation last week. At least it was on sale no shipping since I bought it at the store and no taxes in Oregon. So that was godd.
Oh well it looks like I will be using my BIA and cinch in tandum.
Thanks for the review

Jessica said...

Thanks Karlee, I still don't have either, but I'm going to get one, I think. Those I've asked have said they'd use both. I appreciate your candor in your review. Thanks a bunch!

Amy said...

I love my BIA too! I appreciate your review of the Cinch.

Purrbal said...

Thanks Karlee for your candid review.

*~Danielle~* said...

I have a BIA and I LOVE IT! So I am glad that I don't NEED to go buy something new!!! Thanks Karlee!!

Pink E said...

Thanks Karlee

I have been thinking about buying a cinch, I already have my BIA (which I got last year after seeing your video lol!) so now that you have answer afew questions I can say that it will go off my wish lists. I now can move on to the next item lol!!!

Jeanette said...

I dont have a bind it all nor the cinch. but I was think about getting a bind it all. I make alot of minis. love them.

Shawnee said...

Thanks for your review. I love how honest you are and how you tell all about the product. I will check out the Bind It All. Have a blessed week!

Scrappin Cheryl said...

I love my BIA Pink! I make lots of mini's and journals, notepads, address books, etc. Would not trade it for anything!!

Dawn said...

I think i must have a BIA. that would be great. thanks for the review.

Carrie K said...

Thanks for this review! I just bought a BIA a few weeks ago because they were 40% off at HL and later saw videos on Cinch. I've been wondering if I bought the wrong one!

My Creative Time said...

lol....I never even heard of a CINCH!! hahahaha! I already have the BIA & I'm happy w/it!
Big Hugs,

Rebecca's Card Hobby said...

Thanks for sharing the pros and cons of each machine.

Jennifer said...


Thanks for the review! :) It always helps to hear about the tools from other crafters who have used them. (speaking of which, do you have an atg gun?)

I would love to see what Robyn's daughter made for her father...if you have a chance, please post pictures.

Thanks so much,


Anonymous said...

I have the BIA and would love a machine like the Cinch. Maybe if I wait awhile, there will be a new BIA that rivals what the Cinch can do, or the Cinch will be a second generation and the issues addressed and improved.


Sandy from Ukiah said...

thanks for the review Karlee...I have the BIA and was so wanting the cinch, now I will wait till they do some improvements on it. I love your new blog.

Chris Wooten said...

I used the proclick it has a much longer opening, I think 10 inches.

thanks for the info though.

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Lori said...

Love my BIA! Glad to know hear a side by side comparison.


Anonymous said...


lovetocrop said...

you guys are awesome!

Susan said...

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jenblue said...

Hi Karlee, I bought a BIA a few months ago, and whenever something new comes out I wonder if it is better than what I already have. Glad I have the better product!

Tracy said...

I have the cinch and had those same problems..i had to cut my project down a little due to the whole issue with punching the holes. I really thought i would like this, but i ssoo wished i bought the bind it all instead!

kimmie said...

now see i had both the pink bia and the cinch and i LOVE the cinch. sold the bi and have no regrets! so much easier to bind than the bia..imo.

also the only difference in 1/2 inch and 3/4 is 1/4 inch...negligible for me.

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