Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Because of you I Laugh...

I made this card last week for a swap I participated in. I knew that my card needed to me something simple and quick because I knew my schedule was going to be SUPER packed, but I of course still wanted it to be pretty..... as I was looking through all my beautiful paper I landed on this succulent paper and I just had to make something with it!! I had just gotten this stamp set in my order recently and it really just stood out to me as I was looking at my stamps deciding what to use. And you know what... I think it was inspired because this week I have had a lot of these moments!! 

Do you have that person or those people that just make your life a little better? I do and I am SO VERY THANKFUL for them.. Life can be a beast sometimes and it helps to have your tribe of people with you! 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Just Married Card

Things are starting to settle in a little bit after the big move and getting the big kiddos back to school! The little kiddos and I are starting to get into a good schedule.  A good schedule means ME time!! I was able to create this card with my ME time!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Life Sometimes throws you a curve ball

Life sometimes throws you a curve ball.....  

It has been way to long since I last posted!!! I have had some MAJOR things happen.....                 

In October I had this cutie..... my pregnancy was difficult but worth it! 

4 kids is definitely an adjustment but we love having her! 

Especially this guy... he loves her a little too much sometime... I often wonder if the saying "I love you to death" might be a literal situation in our house.... it sure keeps me on my toes! My heart is filled with fear, & worry but mostly love!!

We were able to enjoy the holidays but then we had to get to work! WE SOLD OUR HOUSE! Crazy right?  I know!!! When my husband came to me and said he thought we should sell our house I thought he was going thru a mid life crisis! (This was a house we built in an amazing neighborhood. We loved that house!) But he wasn't and I finally agreed. He wasn't crazy and we were definately supposed to sell it! We didn't even have to put it on the market.... but that's not even the biggest change..... WHAT?!  

I know! The biggest change is that we also sold our businesses and moved 1700 miles for my husband to go back to school and specialize.  Crazy!!! I would love to say that I have been on board with  all of this all along but I haven't. I loved my house, neighborhood, friends all of it! I was HAPPY...  given time and the many blessings I have seen I have gotten on board and I know this will be a good thing for my family but it was hard. And there will be hard things to come as well but I am ready to take them on! And once I get unpacked and get my craft room set up I will be able to take on all those challenges!!! Its going to be good and I can't wait to get crafting again!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Day 1 and 2 of #acardadayinmay

Ok so I got a little behind on posting for this campaign but I have been participating and I am loving it!!!

(As much as I have wanted to make a card for everyday I am being realistic and know that I just don't have the time to do that so I have been using card that I have made in the past! This does a couple of things for me.... #1- Saves me time.... #2 Allows me to participate....#3 Makes me use some of the 7 (yes I said 7) shoeboxes full of cards that I have stashed up from the years! (I can never just make 1 card at a time so all the duplicates go in a shoe box!!!!)

This is my Day 1 card!!   This card went to the Secretary at my kids school! It is a card from one of the Paper Pumpkin Kits! I love these kits!! It is SO fun to get mail each month with a fun surprise in it!!! Sometimes when my creative juices just are not wanting to work with me but I really want to make something.... I just pull out my Paper Pumpkin kit and make something!! It is great!! 

Day 2 Card(s)- These cards are going to some ladies in my church! I had 2 of them in envelopes before I remembered to take a picture... whoops!! So you get to see 2 of the 4! These are from a kit from the Stampin' Up 2014-2015 Annual Catalog!!! I love the kits in the catalogs for the same reason that I love Paper Pumpkin... so handy when I don't have the time or energy to use my creative juices but want to make something! 

Saturday, April 30, 2016


Wow! I feel like I have really been Missing In Action from my blog!!! I have! It has been almost a year since I posted last..... YIKES!!!!!!!!  If you are a follower of Robyn's you might know that I haven't totally been off the grid but if your not I'll give you a little update! 

I joined Stampin' Up as a Demonstrator a year ago! I have been a customer for years and through a series of events I decided that I wanted to become a demonstrator for the discount... little did I know what a Journey that would lead me on! I am loving being a demonstrator and all the new wonderful people I am getting to know but the best of all is that I am still getting to enjoy this with my BFF Robyn!!!!! 

So besides that I have been coaching volleyball at one of the High Schools in town, raising my 3 beautiful kids and running them around to all of there different activities! (Sometimes I feel like a taxi cab) 

I have still been crafting and creating and most of the time I do take pictures..... I just never get them posted! So I have a goal to do better!!!! Wish me luck!!! 

Something that I think can really get me back in the swing of things is Robyn's awesome May campaign!! Its #acardadayinmay  I think this is such an awesome opportunity to spread love!! Below is what she posted on her blog to introduce the campaign.... will you join us??

A Card A Day in May!

I'm so excited to announce my May campaign that I am extending to all my stamping friends, customers, and viewers!  I am challenging you to make and send a card to someone EVERY DAY in MAY!  It will only cost you a book and a half of postage stamps if you send them in the mail!  Think of how many lives we can brighten by not only making homemade cards but also giving them away!  Look for opportunities to reach out to others......  Birthdays, Mother's Day, new baby, new job, thinking of you, with sympathy, love you, good luck, you did it, ETC.!!

My goal:  That we send out or give out 1000 cards in the month of May!!  

If you are on board, simply share your project on your social media outlets using #acardadayinmay !  I will be checking on Instagram under that hashtag every single day!  Instagram @robynstamps 


To make this a super fun & exciting event, I am going to give away a STAMP SET EVERY day in May!  You do not have to participate in #acardadayinmay to win the stamp set!  I will post the giveaway one day and announce the winner the following day while announcing the new giveaway.  So.....  you need to check here EVERY DAY!!  You will see a new card and who I am giving or sending it to along with some videos.  I hope you will join me!!  Let's change lives & make this world a better place.....  one card at a time!

We start this Sunday, May 1st!  I will be making a card or more than one card to give to some ladies in my church.  What are you going to do?!  

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Project Completion feels so nice!!

Last night I finished this fun project with my neighbor! It's a Lima bean wreath!! I'm going to switch the background and ribbon for different seasons! I LOVE how it turned out!!!
Today my husband and I were able to get some yard projects done!! We got our water fountain up and running but still need a few more bags of rock around it to truly finish it! 
We were also able to get this little bed by our garage finished!!

Monday, December 8, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like..... Christmas!

It has been a busy last few days!! I finally got caught back up laundry from being at Robyn's house (I'll take it anyway though! I LOVE spending time with her!) My daughter tried out for club Volleyball, she also sang with her school choir at a local parks Christmas event, assembled/set up some more storage in my Craft Room and lastly I GOT MY CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS UP!!! Sorry I am so excited about that! I think we are the last ones on our block!! The kids are excited too!! Now to finish (uhem... start) some Christmas presents that I had planned on making and get some more pictures uploaded from my camera so I can share some more projects!! Hope you are all having a wonderful start to your December!!